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ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 SPECIAL OFFER BUY BOTH FOR £ 59.99 The Downpour range from Trakker is made from a lightweight, waterproof yet breathable fabric ideal for showers and milder weather. SPEND OVER £ 50 ON THIS PAGE & ITS POST FREE STAND OUT. BLEND IN AIR MESH POLOS AND T  SHIRTS CodeSizePrice TR0351S1PoloÊM£ 24.99 TR0352S1PoloÊL£ 24.99 TR0353S1PoloÊXL£ 24.99 TR0354S1PoloÊXXL£ 24.99 TR0355S1T/ SÊM£ 19.99 TR0356S1T/ SÊL£ 19.99 TR0357S1T/ SÊXL£ 19.99 TR0358S1T/ SÊXXL£ 19.99 FROM HEADWEAR JACKAL BASEBALL CAP FREE P& P FREE P& P FREE P& P 46CLOTHING CodeSize LD7691S1M LD7692S1L LD7693S1XL LD7694S1XXL LD7695S1XXXLCodeSize LD7696S1S LD7697S1M LD7698S1L LD7699S1XL LD7770S1XXL LD7701S1XXXL LD7706S1 A brilliant new clothing range from Wychwood, the Maximiser gear is 100% waterproof and breathable and has been specifi cally designed for Wychwood by one of the leading outdoor clothing specialists. Offering all the features you would expect on top class clothing the Maximiser comes with an amazing special into offer, not only do you get the Jacket, Bib & brace & Fleece. The best clothing set available for under a ton! MAXIMISER CLOTHING DEAL A brand new urban range from Wychwood. Following on from the success of the original Urban Hoodys this new range now offers a new and improved design with a zipped front on the fl eece making it more practical and versatile than the last. The T- Shirt comes in a dark green with wychwood logo across the front. URBAN HOODYS CodeSize LD7702S1M LD7703S1L LD7704S1XL LD7705S1XXL URBAN URBAN CAP Size XXL XXXL T  SHIRTS Size XXL CARP CLOTHING RANGE SOLACE FIELD BOOTS . Removeable padded innersole . Thermolite insulation . High padded collar and upper . Bank grip rubber sole . Speedlace hook system . Toe and heel bumpers CodeSize LD7919S17 LD7920S18 LD7921S19 LD7922S110 LD7923S111 LD7924S112 WATERPROOF SMOCK . New waterproof and breathable soft twill material . Removable fl eece jacket inner lining . Adjustable and removable hood . Bib and brace supplied comes with side zips for easy entry . Unbelievable value for money complete suit CodeSize LD7942S1M LD7943S1L LD7944S1XL LD7945S1XXL LD7946S1XXXL . NEW Soft twill material featuring Wychwood's Extremis 5000 waterproof and breathable backing . Detachable hood . Adjustable waterproof cuffs . Fleece lined hand warmer through pocket . Large zipped front storage pocket RRP: £ 140RRP: £ 109.99 FREE P& P FREE P& P JACKAL APG JACKET CodeSize TR0400S1M TR0401S1L TR0402S1XL TR0403S1XXL £ 9.99 CodeSize TR0193S1M TR0194S1L TR0195S1XL TR0249S1XXL TR0250S1XXXL FULL SET ONLY RRP: £ 200.95 DEAL INCLUDES: . Jacket . Trousers . Polo Shirt . Baseball Cap . Beany Hat JACKET FEATURES: . Lined hood with drawcord adjustment . Zip- out inner fl eece . Adjustable waist and hem . Thermal mesh liner on jacket & fl eece . Fleece has nylon reinforcement TROUSERS FEATURES: . Full length zip . Adjustable, elasticated braces . Zipped fl y . Two hooded/ zipped side pockets . Fully lined with elasticated ankles . Fully elasticated waist for comfort One of our best selling clothing deals perfect for the carp & specialist angler. Much thought has gone into the design of this clothing to give the ultimate in performance while also offering a modern appearance. HI  PERFORMANCE CARP CLOTHING SUPER BUNDLE DEAL Jackal Realtree APG HD Jacket - Fully waterproof & breathable - Zip out fully padded fl eece - neoprene cuffs - Wired hood that folds into collar CodeSize TR0286S1M TR0285S1L TR0287S1XL TR0288S1XXL JACKAL APG SALOPETTES CodeSize TR0290S1M TR0289S1L TR0291S1XL TR0292S1XXL - Jackal Realtree APG HD Salopettes - Fully waterproof & breathable - neoprene fully adjustable brace system - Zip bottoms for ease of use JACKAL APG CARGO / COMBAT PANTS CodeProductPrice TR0332S1CargoÊM£ 44.99 TR0333S1CargoÊL£ 44.99 TR0334S1ÊCargoÊXL£ 44.99 TR0335S1ÊCargoÊXXL£ 44.99 TR0336S1CombatÊM£ 49.99 TR0337S1CombatÊL£ 49.99 TR0338S1CombatÊXL£ 49.99 TR0339S1ÊCombatÊXXL£ 49.99 COTTON POLOS AND T  SHIRTS CodeSizePrice TR0343S1PoloÊM£ 24.99 TR0344S1PoloÊL£ 24.99 TR0345S1PoloÊXL£ 24.99 TR0346S1PoloÊXXL£ 24.99 TR0347S1T/ SÊM£ 19.99 TR0348S1T/ SÊL£ 19.99 TR0349S1T/ SÊXL£ 19.99 TR0350S1T/ SÊXXL£ 19.99 FROM TR0340S1 JACKAL BOONIE HATTR0341S1 JACKAL BEANIE HATTR0342S1 NORDIC CLOTHING " The Nordic range of clothing stays true to our tradition of making clothing designed specifi cally for carp anglers. Our clothes give the freedom of movement needed to land your catch and use fabrics that suit the environment. All the Nordic range use waterproof and breathable fabrics and boast features that make the Nordic clothing range stand out from the competition" Trakker Products PUFFA JACKET CodeSize TR0404S1M TR0405S1L TR0406S1XL TR0407S1XXL JACKET Size M L XL XXL JACKETJACKET RRP: £ 149.99RRP: £ 129.99 CodeSize TR0408S1M TR0409S1L TR0410S1XL TR0411S1XXL SWEATSHIRT CodeSize TR0412S1M TR0413S1L TR0414S1XL TR0415S1XXL BIB & BRACE RRP: £ 99.99RRP: £ 99.99 Size M L XL XXL Size XXL £ 119.99£ 99.99 £ 19.99£ 19.99 £ 9.99 £ 12.99 £ 9.99 £ 99.99£ 79.99 £ 69.99£ 59.99 £ 129.99 £ 99.99 ONLY £ 49.99 ONLY £ 29.99£ 14.99 £ 34.99 ONLY DOWNPOUR CLOTHING JACKET FEATURES: Superb on their own during the summer months or twinned with our 2- piece undersuit in colder weather you simply cannot afford to be without them. * Lightweight pull on top * Zip front * Detachable hood * Fleece- lined collar * Large front pocket TROUSERS FEATURES: Superb on their own during the summer months or twinned with our 2- piece undersuit in colder weather you simply cannot afford to be without them. * Loose fi t lightweight trousers * Elasticated drawstring waist * Zipped bottoms * Deep pockets CodeSize TR0314S1M TR0315S1L TR0316S1XL TR0317S1XXL TR0318S1XXXL£ 36.99 CodeSize TR0319S1M TR0320S1L TR0321S1XL TR0322S1XXL TR0323S1XXXL£ 26.99 Size

WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK NOW DO THE SAME WITH YOUR THREADS YOU LOOK THE PART WITH YOUR ANGLING KIT MERCHANDISE VISIT WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK TO SEE THE FULL CARPOLOGY RANGE CLASSIC T  SHIRT CodeSize CP0039S1M CP0040S1L CP0041S1XL CP0042S1XXL CP0043S1XXXL FOR ONLY It's back! And this time better than ever before. The Classic features the CARPology logo on the front with ' O' logos on the sleeve and reverse. See it sported by the likes of Hearn, Sharp and Fairbrass. Size CP0041S1XLFOR HEAVYWEIGHT HOODIE The thickest, heaviest and best CARPology hoodie ever produced. Brown outer with a cream inner hood that features thumb holes at the front with the new ' Ology Lessons Available' logo. On the rear you've got the famous ' O' logo with the new Wear It Out branding. Stunning in a word. BACK ' OLOGY' GREEN HOODIE Based on our super popular Olive Green garment, the new Ology Hoodie features the ' Lessons Available' branding with ' O' logo on the arm and the new Wear It Out branding on the reverse - featuring the bent scales arm. GREEN HOODIE Morgan, Regan, Fairbrass and Clarke wouldn't dream of stepping out on to the banks without their classic CARPology Hoodie - and you can own one too! CodeSize CP0044S1M CP0045S1L CP0046S1XL CP0047S1XXL CP0048S1XXXL DONE ' EM ALL T  SHIRT Stamped across the front: ' Redmire, Yateley, Burghfi eld, Horton, Conningbrook, The Mere, The Cons, Harrow, Savay, Fen Drayton, Longfi eld, Snake Pit, St Ives, Elstow, Wraysbury, Fitty of the Month. Done ' em all.' Genius, eh? On the rear features the new ' Wear It Out' logo with the bent scales arm. And all of this printed on a new heavier weight garment. CodeSize CP0049S1M CP0050S1L CP0051S1XL CP0052S1XXL CP0053S1XXXL CARPY GREEN MUG CP0054S1 Finished in a ' carpy' matt green with a white CARPology logo slapped around the side, not only will they keep your brew warm for hours, but it completes your seasoned carp look with ease. CodeSize CP0010S1M CP0011S1L CP0012S1XL CP0013S1XXL CP0014S1XXXL CodeSize CP0055S1M CP0056S1L CP0057S1XL CP0058S1XXL CP0059S1XXXL CROSSWATER WADERS CodeSize SV4264S16/ 7 SV4265S18/ 9 SV4266S110/ 11 SV4267S111/ 12 NYLON HIP WADERS CodeSize SV1517S15/ 6 SV0065S16/ 7 SV0066S18/ 9 SV0067S110/ 11 SV0068S111/ 12 NEOPRENE LINED THIGH WADERS CodeSize SV6277S17 SV6278S18 SV6279S19 CodeSize SV6280S110 SV6281S111 SV6282S112 CodeSize SV6570S140/ 41 SV6571S142/ 43 SV6572S144/ 45 SV6573S146/ 47 MAX 4 BREATHABLE WADERS POLAR ZONE + BOOTS THERMO  ARMOUR PRO JACKET FEATURES: . Superb thermal waterproof ' silent' camo armour. . 8 pockets: 2 inside, 2 fl eece lined, 2 zip waterproof & 2 velcro sealing . Revolutionary 3 layer insulating breathable protection . Polyurethane lamination: Waterproof Rating: 8000 mm, Breathability: MP 3000 gm/ m2/ 24hours . Insulation: Warm 360 gm/ yd weight poly fl eece . Removable Quilt lined fl eece CodeSize SV4434S1XS SV4435S1S SV4436S1M SV4437S1L SV4438S1XL SV4439S1XXL SV4440S1XXXL THERMO  ARMOUR PRO SALOPETTES FEATURES: . Revolutionary 3 layer camoufl age winter protection: . Super strong, rip- stop material Breathability: MP 3000gm/ m2/ 24hours . Polyester spun, anti piling, Poly Fleece . 1 waterproof pocket, 2 fl eece lined & 2 velcro sealing . Fully adjustable, comfortable, elasticated, neoprene braces CodeSize SV4441S1XS SV4442S1S SV4443S1M SV4444S1L SV4445S1XL SV4446S1XXL SV4447S1XXXL CodeSize SV4214S16 SV4215S17 SV4216S18 SV4217S19 SV4218S110 SV4219S111 SV4844S112 GRIP TREK BOOTS CodeModelPrice PR2683S1BrownÊLens£ 11.99 PR2684S1GreyÊLens£ 11.99 BOOTS CodeSize PR2276S17 PR2277S18 PR2278S19 Waterproof, twin- layered boots that are easy to walk in and very warm. The liners can be removed for washing and Neoprene calf and top provides comfort and reduces heat loss. CodeSize PR2279S110 PR2280S111 PR2281S112£ 39.99 HOODED FLEECE CodeSize PR1190S1S PR1191S1M PR1192S1L PR1193S1XL PR1194S1XXL PR2269S1XXXL £ 34.99 Warm hooded half-zipped fl eece with a front zipped pouch pocket and zipped hand warmer pockets. Toggle adjustable neck and elasticated cuffs.. 99 WINDPROOF FLEECE JACKET CodeSize PR2282S1S PR2283S1M PR2284S1L PR2285S1XL PR2286S1XXL PR2287S1XXXL £ 44.99 Totally windproof jacket with hood that can be worn as an outer garment or as part of a layer system. Full length zip and toggle neck adjustment .99 LEISURE FLEECE CodeSize PR2622S1S PR2623S1M PR2624S1L PR2625S1XL PR2626S1XXL PR2627S1XXXL £ 24.99 An exceedingly warm full- zip fl eece that looks just as good off the bank as it does on it. Extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to the elasticated cuffs, high collar and nylon lined sleeves.£ 24 Essential kit for every angler, polarised glasses are essential for effi cient fi sh spotting and help reduce eye- strain in bright conditions. The fashionable polycarbonate frame has been designed to give excellent coverage reducing stray light from creeping around the side of the frames. BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 POLARISED GLASSES CodeModelPrice PR1647S1NeckÊWarmer£ 4.99 PR2314S1Beanie£ 6.99 PR0848S1Cap£ 7.99 PR1495S1WoolÊHat£ 6.99 HATS £ 4.99 FROM £ 99.99 SAVE £ 20£ 20 CodeSize SV4456S16 SV4457S17 SV4458S18 SV4459S19 SV4460S110 SV4461S111 SV4462S112 £ 13.99£ 39.99£ 28.99£ 27.49 £ 14.99 £ 9.49 CLOTHING47 JACKET FEATURES: Made from soft breathe feel material, the Snugzz Specimen Jacket is water-proof and will stop the wind chill in the depths of winter. CodeSizePrice MI2029S1M£ 99.99 MI2030S1L£ 99.99 MI2031S1XL£ 99.99 MI2079S1XXL£ 99.99 An amazing clothing offer which is exceptional value for money. The clothing is 100% waterproof and extremely stylish. It is manufactured from an extremely hi- quality dry material which is reliable and hard wearing. ALL 3 FOR ONLY 30+ SNUGZ CLOTHING SET RRP: £ 180 SNUGZ FLEECE PULLOVER The fl eece on the 30 Plus Snugzz Hoody is very thick and maintains body warmth in total comfort. SALOPETTES FEATURES: Designed to compliment the Snugzz Jacket, Snugzz Salopettes feature soft breathe feel material and are waterproof. £ 99.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 119.99 SAVE £ 20£ 20 £ 79.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 99.99 £ 59.99 ONLY £ 69.99 ONLY £ 119.99 ONLY £ 59.99 ONLY £ 39.99 ONLY £ 29.99 ONLY