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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK REACTION Fantastic value for money carp rod from Wychwood. Class leading performance, and looks to die for. Ideal for the angler looking for quality rod at a fantastic price. Truly unbelievable rods with quality and performance never available previously at this price! FEATURES: . Ground breaking carbon blank with helical reinforcement for increased strength . Slim blank with fi tted spigot . Double leg SVT rings CodeLengthT/ CRRPPrice LD6672S112ft2.75lb£ 59.99£ 34.99 LD6673S112ft3lb£ 59.99£ 34.99 APPLICATION RODS Take reassurance in a groundbreaking performance. A progressive power action made from multi modulus carbon blank. A balance that makes these rods feel like a true extension of the angler's arm and whether you want to cast a PVA bag to the horizon or lower a bait close in to the margin you can feel assured in the knowledge that the Solace rods will deal with this as easily as they do the lunges of a Carp's last bid for freedom. FEATURES: · Unrivalled balance, power and performance · Wychwood's unique screw lock reel seat · Custom spaced SVT braid- friendly rings · Each tip section features line ups and test curves · Signature carbon weave butt grip · Unconditional lifetime policy The Maximiser rod brief was very clear, to produce the best performing and looking carp rod at its price point. From the wild rivers and giant lakes of Europe and beyond, to local fi sheries in the UK, each rod has been continually tested in an ' on bank' situation. From the low shine satin fi nish right through to the signature carbon collar on the butt grip the Maximiser range looks stunning, and is practical and comfortable to use. FEATURES: . Fuji screw lock reel seat weave carbon weave spacer. . Custom spaced SVT braid- friendly rings . Multi modulus carbon blank . Each tip section features line ups and test curves . Gunmetal trim rings . Signature carbon weave collared butt grip . Unconditional lifetime policy . Size 18 gunmetal reel seat GENESIS EXTREME CARP Spend over £ 75 on this page and receive 50 PVA bags free of charge CARP RODS7 EXTRICATOR 6FT STALKER ROD . One piece construction . Super slim blank . Screw reel seat . Full duplon handle RECON MARKER ROD . Full length Japanese shrink wrap handle . Screw lock reel seat . 50mm butt ring as standard . 12" micro measure on butt section DESPATCH SPOD ROD . Full length Japanese shrink wrap handle . Screw lock reel seat . 50mm butt ring as standard . Triple leg braid- friendly rings EXTRICATOR 9FT STALKER ROD . Powerful multi- modulus construction . Full length super slim cork handle . Winch reel fi tting . SVT braid- friendly rings CodeModelRRPPrice LD7741S1Extricator 9ft£ 39.99£ 34.99 LD7742S1Extricator 6ft£ 36.99£ 31.99 LD7859S1Recon Marker£ 79.99£ 69.99 LD7860S1Despatch Spod£ 79.99£ 69.99 CodeModelRRPPrice LD7861S112ft 2.75lb£ 69.99£ 62.99 LD7862S112ft 3lb£ 69.99£ 62.99 LD7863S112ft 3.5lb£ 69.99£ 62.99 CodeModelRRPPrice LD7786S112ft 2.75lb£ 99.99£ 89.99 LD7787S112ft 3lb£ 109.99£ 99.99 LD7788S112ft 3.5lb£ 109.99£ 99.99 BEST SELLER 2009 FEATURES: . Super narrow high gloss midnight black blank . Shrink wrap trim and midnight black reel seat . Lined rings throughout . Awesome value for money SIGNATURE CARP CodeModelPrice LD7934S112ft 2.5lb£ 39.99 LD7935S112ft 2.75lb£ 39.99 LD7936S112ft 3lb£ 39.99 A superb new introduction to the Wychwood rod range for 2010 the Signature carp features a super slim blank which has bags of power. Available in three test curves the Signature offers the best value for money we have ever seen. A rod that looks and performs like many £ 100 price tag rods the Signature is set to be the best selling carp rod in 2010 without a doubt. ORDER YOURS NOW AND BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO OWN ONE OF THE INCREDIBLE SIGNATURE RODS. BRAND NEW FOR 2010 IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT IT SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK SPECIAL OFFER £ 39.99 ONLY FREE PVA £ 34.99 ONLY SAVE £ 25£ 25 £ 31.99 FROM ONLY BEST PRICESGUARANTEED BUY 3 RODS FOR £ 89.99 BUY 3 RODS FOR £ 179.99 CodeModelRRPPrice MV1030S112ft 2.75lb£ 59.99£ 44.99 MV1029S112ft 3lb£ 85.99£ 49.99 The Genesis range of rods have been a massive success since their launch, selling in huge quantities, with many people viewing them as the class leader at this competitive price point. Following on from the massively successful class leading, Genesis, comes the all new Genesis Extreme class of 2010. The comprehensive range of 12 footers includes spod and marker rods. The slim minimalist 40 tonne carbon blanks provide fast recovery and a responsive action to prevent hook pulls. Featuring high quality SiC lined guides. carbon line clip, slim 18mm reel seat, with superb detailing, that will accommodate big pit style reels and a laser engraved gunsmoke end cap. Each rod features a pod alignment whipping. Maver believe, at this price point, these are the best quality rods available. £ 44.99 FROM ONLY BRAND NEW FOR 2010 . High quality SiC lined guides . 18mm reel seat to accommodate big pit reels . ( 20mm reel seat on Spod Rod) . Stylish matt fi nish . Marker whipping for pod alignment . Slim shrink tube butt grip . Discreet gunsmoke fi ttings . High class minimalist styling . Carbon line clip . Engraved end cap BUY 3 RODS FOR £ 100 !!!

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 Spend over £ 75 on any rod and receive 50 PVA bags free of charge worth £ 11.99 SPECIAL OFFER BANSHEE Without doubt the UK's best value rod ever! Nice slim profi le, superb fi sh playing actions and with heavier test curves that are more than capable of casting big distances with heavy pva bags. Finished in a striking midnight black gloss fi nish with red/ silver whippings, stainless silver collars and stainless silver butt cap. FEATURES: * Top quality components * Top spec carbon blank * Beautiful fi sh playing action * Unique sports casting action * Lifetime manufacturers warranty HI ' S' CARP RODS CodeModelPcsPrice FS0060S112ft 3lb2£ 325 FS0001S112ft 3.5lb2£ 335 FS0317S1Hi- Sive12ft 3.5lb 50mm2£ 345 Free Spirit set out to produce a rod capable of casting in excess of 200 yards with a baited rig but had the taper, look and feel of a normal carp rod. The result after considerable testing is the awesome Hi- S 200. These rods have a crisp, smooth action with no ' snatch' and are still extremely light and slim with a very fast recovery. In the right hands the Hi- S 200 is a formidable specialist tool when ultimate distance is essential. HI ' S' 200 CARP RODS CodeModelPcsPrice FS0281S112ft 50mm2£ 385 FS0329S113ft 50mm2£ 399 The Hi- S rod range are constructed using ultra high quality, low resin 40t carbon. The means the blanks are slimmer, lighter and more powerful than competitors rods made from conventional carbon. Hand built in the UK to Free Spirits exact-ing standards the Hi- S rod range grows in popularity year on year. Take a look at one and it is easy to see why. uncompromising perfection ' E' CLASS CARP RODSCARP TAMER X  WRAP CodeModelPcsPrice FS0327S112ft 2.5lb2£ 110 FS0320S112ft 2.75lb2£ 120 FS0321S112ft 3.25lb2£ 120 FS0326S112ft 3.5lb2£ 125 The most popular and successful Free Sprit rod range the E- Class are the ultimate in performance and value for money. Built using very high modulus carbon the rods offer a smooth, crisp action, slim blank diameters and superb weight and feel. The E- Class rods feature a unique ' perdurable' fi nish meaning they are not covered with paints and lacquers to cover blank imperfections like many competitors rods. With this in mind each rod is precision ground and each blank is of the highest quality and fi nish. The Carp Tamer X- Wrap has a distinctive carbon cross- weave running the length of the blank with a matt fi nish. We've worked hard with this rod to bring something to the table that has the looks and performance synonymous with Free Spirit rods at a price to suit the majority of pockets. The blanks are slim, light and well balanced being built from high modulus 36t and 32t carbons. Completed with Fuji DPS reel seats and S- LiteT guides these rods will look the part for many years to come. Buy any 3 Free Spirit rods & receive 10% DISCOUNT Buy any 2 Free Spirit rods & receive H  GUN CodeLengthT/ CRRPPrice NA3250S112ft2.75lb£ 59.99£ 44.99 NA3251S112ft3lb£ 59.99£ 44.99 Using the same matrix technology as the Venom, Nash have created a rod of unbelievable performance and quality for around £ 50. The H- Gun has a superb, high- performance, slim- line ground blank, a slim- line EVA butt grip with pol-ished butt cap, stylish reel seat trimmed with polished collars, six rings - including tip - ringed for distance casting. Amaz-ingly, you even get a genuine carbon line- clip for your money. The starter carper's never had it so good. FEATURES: Ground slim- line blank Slim- line EVA butt grip Polished butt cap Stylish reel seat Trmmed polished collars Rings ringed for distance casting Carbon line- clip SAVE £ 15£ 15 £ 44.99 ONLY RRP : £ 59.99 VENOM MKIII They are rods for every angler and every fi shing situation, except total extreme range fi shing. Venoms have awesome power and tip speed, easily launching leads ( in the top test curves, 150yds, as well as PVA bags and spods over 100 yards). Casting is one thing though, the Venoms are also an incredible margin and middle distance rod; coming alive in your hands, setting a beautiful playing curve, whilst the softness in the tip eliminates hook pulls. The Venoms are so good Kevin Nash uses them himself and loves them! In fact, he landed his UK PB of 59lbs+ on a Venom. The Mark 2 Venoms have stunning livery and look the business. With an abbreviated, shrink- wrap butt grip and blank, an ultra- thin, high- modulus ' snake skin' carbon, as well as a machined, contoured reel seat - their appearance is unmatched. They also feature Kevin's trademark ( behind the reel seat) butt clip, to prevent rods from being pulled off on fi erce takes. CodeLengthT/ CRRPPrice NA3405S112ft2.75lb£ 149.99£ 99.99 NA3406S112ft3lb£ 149.99£ 99.99 NA3407S112ft3.5lb£ 149.99£ 99.99 SAVE £ 50£ 50 LITE SPEED CodeModelPcsPrice FS0199S112ft 2.5lb2£ 145 FS0198S112ft 2.75lb2£ 150 FS0197S112ft 3.25lb2£ 160 FS0085S112ft 3.5lb2£ 170 8CARP RODS FREE SPIRIT FISHING FREE PVA £ 385.00 FROM ONLY SPECIAL OFFER FREE PVA £ 325.00 FROM ONLY 5% DISCOUNT CARP DISCOUNTDISCOUNT FREE PVA FREE £ 145.00PVA FROM ONLY £ 110.00 FROM ONLY CARP RODS BRAND NEW FOR 2010 FREE PVA UNBEATABLE DEALBUY ONE GET ONE FREE CARP RODS Please telephone 01724 862 585 for other rods and custom build information Super slim, ultra stylish and packed with high class components the TFG Lite- Speed is a stunning rod that looks as good as it performs. Using premium quality carbon and carefully designed sports tapers, the Lite- Speed delivers smooth, accurate casting, beautiful fi ghting actions and a balanced reassuring touch that will improve your fi shing performance when it counts the most; out on the bank, hunting monster fi sh. IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT ITSUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK CodeModelPrice AF2453S112ft 2.75lb£ 49.99 AF2454S112ft 3lb£ 49.99 AF2455S112ft 3.25lb£ 49.99 AF2456S13.5lb Marker£ 59.99 AF2457S14.75lb Spod£ 59.99 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE " THAT'S ONLY £ 25 EACH!" BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE " THAT'S ONLY £ 35 EACH!" Amazing new rods from TFG that are available buy one get one free!! Limited Intro offer, order now! CodeLengthT/ CPrice AF2514S112ft2.75lb£ 69.99 AF2515S112ft3lb£ 69.99 AF2516S112ft3.5lb£ 69.99 FEATURES: * Top quality components * Top spec carbon blank * Beautiful fi sh playing action * Unique sports casting action * Lifetime manufacturers warranty