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WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM RODS 11 Chub Tip Tectors provide total rod protection and security during transit. Product Code: GR0389 Our Price (£): 9.99 TIP TECTORS FINGER STALL The Chub Finger Stall is manufactured from supple, but hard- wearing leather that will protect your finger during long distance or repeated casting. An adjustable elastic wrist band with quick release press stud ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Product Code: GR0746 Our Price (£): 3.99 Two bands per pack. Larger one to fit the butt end and the smaller for the tip. Velcro straps allow the bands to be pulled tight stopping rod movement and possible damage during transit. Product Code: GR0390 Quantity: x2 Our Price (£): 4.99 ROD BANDS Multi- functional rod bands with clip attachments that can be used to secure rods to most quivers that have D- Ring attachments. Three bands each pack. Product Code: GR0391 Quantity: x3 Our Price (£): 4.99 ROVA ROD BANDS FOR ONLY £ 149.99 POST FREE BUY ANY 3 SNOOPER RODS ONLY £ 9.99 ONLY £ 4.99 ONLY £ 3.99 ONLY £ 4.99

BIVVIES & SHELTERS Climatex ® is a high performance waterproof breathable fabric that remains stable in varying climate conditions. Its Polyester construction reacts less in heat and also absorbs less water so stretches less in wet conditions; offering increased strength and durability. Its finely woven 150 denier polyester yarn structure increases the waterproof performance and a tough PU backing means that Climatex ® will continue to perform season after season. Climatex has a DWR ( Durable Water Repellent) finish, which increases water beading on the surface of the fabric, stopping it wetting out and improving the breathability. The Chub range of bivvies and overwraps have gained in popularity over the last few seasons mainly due to their high build quality, reliability and performance. The Cyfish in particular is a classic which has stood the test of time gaining an enviable reputation along the way while constantly being one of the most popular and respected bivvies out there offering outstanding value for a bivvy of such a high specification and dimensions. This year we are launching several new bivvies and shelters to the range with the top end Vizor being one of the most complete systems that we have produced. The Vizor itself is manufactured from our own Climatex breathable material and is packed with many features including our new and unique Back Draft Ventilation System which allows the angler to control the conditions inside the bivvy to suit personal preferences. With its cranked front porch the Vizor has a dramatic look while giving that extra protection needed whatever the weather throws at us. For the more price conscious angler we have introduced the versatile S- Plus range. These bivvies and shelters are based on the ever popular pramhood style system. All have very modern design features to give maximum protection and stability. Optional Overwraps for the complete range are also available so whether your fishing requires the use of a shelter or a bivvy there will be an option in the range to suit you. As with all our bivvies there are no added extras to buy, all come complete with pegs, poles and groundsheets. We are sure that the S- plus range along with all our bivvies will prove to be extremely popular with you this year.