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WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM Ultra lightweight, combined with serious performance. CYFISH LITE EXTREME CANOPY The Cyfish Lite Extreme Canopy provides greater all- round protection during severe weather conditions. It is manufactured from Climatex ® , our exclusive high performance breathable fabric . Climatex ® is the latest development in next generation breathable fabrics that remain stable in varying climate conditions and offer increased strength and durability. The Extreme canopy virtually eliminates condensation, keeping you warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. The door system is completely removable and comes with Climatex ® clear or mosi window options. Both the door and side panel windows utilise our exclusive green heavy duty ' rip stop' mesh. Supplied with a lightweight aluminium tension bar and a full set of heavy duty T- pegs. . Manufactured from Climatex ® high performance breathable fabric . Top quality anodised aero grade aluminium pole . Ultra lightweight at only 3.0kg ( excluding pegs) . 3- section flexi pole design is super compact and quick to assemble . Supplied with lightweight aluminium Tension Bar . Full set of heavy duty T- pegs included . Completely removable two- way door . Interchangeable Climatex ® , clear or mosi door options . Door and side panel windows utilise exclusive green heavy duty ' rip . Extra shock- corded pegging points provide increased internal space stop' mesh and protection during extreme weather HYDROSTATIC HEAD10000MM BIVVIES & SHELTERS 19 Product Code GR0733 Size 1 man Height ( m/ ft) 1.4/ 4.59 Width ( m/ ft) 3/ 9.84 Depth ( m/ ft) 3/ 9.84 Weight ( kg/ lb) 3.0/ 6.61 3.00 m3.00 mCyfish LiteExtreme Canopy ( 1 Man) Height 1.40 m Our Price (£) 149.99 RRP (£) 199.99 SAVE £ 50

BIVVIES & SHELTERS MK2 CYFISH+ BIVVY The Cyfish+ was considered by many to be the most feature packed, top performing and value for money bivvy available today. So how do you go about improving what many consider to be the best bivvy on the market? Not an easy task, but over the last couple of years the Chub team have developed a number of modifications that will keep the Mk2 Cyfish+ at the top of anglers most wanted list for years to come. The Mk2 Cyfish+ features slimmer 16mm aluminium poles which not only make the bivvy lighter but also more compact. Pole insert joints and collars prevent wear and allow a quick and easy setup. The fabric has been upgraded to 210D Oxford weave polyester which is extremely tough, breathable and highly water proof with a 5000mm hydrostatic head. The twin fronted zip system has been retained with the full mozzi front being upgraded to our exclusive heavy duty green mozzi mesh. The front panel features an improved two- way door system with interchangeable clear and mozzi windows included. The Mk2 Cyfish+ also comes complete with a full winter wrap, offering the benefits of a two skin bivvy when required. Also included in the package are: inline tension bars with double locking screws, heavy duty groundsheet and a full set of heavy duty T- pegs. The number of back pegging points has been increased, giving more stability on uneven ground and during extreme weather conditions. If you want to travel light just use alternate pegging points for a standard setup. The Mk2 Cyfish+ two man has also seen some additional improvements. The frame has been redesigned with an extra large back rib. This not only increases the depth but also the height at the rear for extra comfort and head room on longer sessions. These changes make the Mk2 Cyfish + the first genuine two man, three pole bivvy system that offers the perfect balance between size, comfort, weight and transportation. . Full zip- off front panel, with three door window options included . Full zip- on/ off mozzi panel in our exclusive green ' rip stop' mesh . Dual zip- in front panel system that allows both front panels to be . Completely removable two way door . Supplied with heavy duty groundsheet with elastic pegging system . Full set of heavy duty T- pegs included . Supplied with lightweight in- line Bivvy Tension Bars attached at the same time HYDROSTATIC HEAD 5000 MM Product Code GR0892 GR0893 Size 1 man 2 man Height ( m/ ft) 1.35/ 4.43 1.45/ 4.76 Width ( m/ ft) 2.8/ 9.18 3.0/ 9.51 Depth ( m/ ft) 2.35/ 7.71 2.8/ 9.18 Weight ( kg/ lb) 5.8/ 12.78 7/ 15.43 2.35 m 2.80 m MK2 Cyfish + ( 1 Man) Height 1.35 m 2.80 m 3.00 m MK2 Cyfish + ( 2 Man) Height 1.45 m Our Price (£) 199.99 219.99 RRP (£) 229.99 279.99 SAVE UP TO £ 60