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WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM Bivvy tension bars are a must for all pram hood bivvies. They offer support in adverse weather conditions by strengthening the spine of the bivvy. They are adaptable for use on a number of our pram hood bivvy systems, and can also be used on most competitors' one and two man bivvies in the market. . Pack of three poles . Each pole consists of two alloy bars Overall dimensions: L - 82 cm extendable to 123cm Body material: Light alloy Screw Fitting material: Impact resistant plastic Overall weight: 688g Product Code: GR0502 Length ( cm): 1x78/ 1x89/ 1x85 Our Price (£): 15.99 Product Code: CA36 The majority of peg rolls come with only 10 pegs. Due to clever design the new Chub Peg Roll is complete with 20 high tensile steel pegs in the same sized pouch. With many bivvies and overwraps needing more pegs, we have increased the number of pegs available in each pack. The pegs feature a hard steel cap, moulded ' T' head and spiral point, enabling them to be screwed into the hardest ground. Dimensions: Pack Length - 27cm Pack Diameter - 11cm Total Peg Length - 22.5cm Product Code: GR0842 Our Price (£): 19.99 Chub Bivvy Pegs are manufactured using insert tooling to ensure that the sure- grip T- handle stays firmly moulded onto the shaft while screwing the pegs into the ground. Supplied in a rugged and well- designed carrying case, the pegs come in two sizes 8" and 12", the longer pegs being particularly suitable for use in soft ground. Product Code: GR0501 Size ( in): 8 RRP (£): 12.99 Our Price (£): 12.99 Product Code: GR0493 Size ( in): 12 Our Price (£): 15.99 BIVVY TENSION BARS 20 PEG PACK BIVVY PEGS SAFE ' N' TIDY PEG TUBE A strong tube offering protection and secure storage for pegs with sharp points. Not only does it protect the pegs from damage, it also protects the pegs from damaging your equipment. Full perimeter zips at both ends allow easy access, while your pegs are stored in a crush proof tube. It can also be used for storing spods and marker floats. Product Code: GR0476 Our Price (£): 5.99 STORM POLES Chub Storm Poles are available in 3 sizes and are an essential attachment for brollies and bivvies. The solid screw points allow the poles easy penetration into the ground, ensuring a really rigid and stable set- up. Fitted with double torque thumbscrews for positive locking and height adjustment. Product Code GR0394 GR0395 GR0396 Length ( in/ cm) 26/ 66.04 36/ 91.44 48/ 121.92 and an adjustable thumb screw. BIVVIES & SHELTERS 29 Our Price (£) 11.99 12.99 13.99 ONLY £ 15.99 ONLY £ 5.99 ONLY £ 19.99 FROM £ 11.99 FROM £ 12.99

BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS BEDCHAIRS X- TRA COMFY BEDCHAIRNEW FOR 2010 CLASSIC BEDCHAIR The Classic Bedchair is extremely robust in construction and of modern design. The frame is manufactured from hi-tensile steel, which is solid, durable and long lasting. The bedchair features a very well padded cover which is hard wearing and comfortable. Elastically sprung for added comfort and support, the cover is also fitted at the foot end with an easy clean mud protector. With its three individually adjustable legs, swivelling feet and soft grip hand wheel, the Classic Bedchair offers comfort, value and affordability. . Steel Frame - solid, robust construction . Fully adjustable locking leg mechanisms . Independently adjustable legs . Swivelling feet . Mud protector . Soft grip hand wheel NEW FOR 2010 . Removable fleece covered mattress . Three legs for stability . Swivelling mudfeet . Fully adjustable handwheel . Extra padded removable fleece cover . Hi- tensile coated steel frame When on a session, being comfortable is vitally important. The X- tra Comfy bedchair, with its removable extra fleece mattress, ensures that you get the level of comfort required at a relatively low cost to enable you to relax and fish well during your time on the bank. The modern look and feel of the bedchair coupled with a three leg design gives greater stability, strength and luxury normally only associated with a more expensive type of bedchairs. The bedchair is manufactured from lightweight, hi- tensile coated steel and features a hard wearing and well padded cover which is fully skirted and topped off with a full fleece mattress for total comfort. Product Code GR1060 Length ( cm/ in) 210/ 82.6 Width ( cm/ in) 81/ 31.88 Product Code GR1003 Weight ( kg/ lb) 10.5/ 23.1 Length ( cm/ in) 210/ 82.6 Width ( cm/ in) 81/ 31.88 Weight ( kg) 11.5 Our Price (£) 99.99 RRP (£) 109.99 Our Price (£) 69.99 RRP (£) 79.99 ONLY £ 99.99 SAVE £ 10 ONLY £ 69.99 SAVE £ 10 BEST PRICES GUARANTEED ON