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ROD QUIVERS ROVA QUIVER An excellent little quiver designed specifically for the specialist and mobile angler. Three- rod capacity with landing net pocket, it will hold more rods if required plus brolly and banksticks. All carrying straps are padded, multi- stitched and riveted. Product Code GR0498 Length ( cm/ in) 125/ 49.2 Diameter ( cm/ in) 23/ 9.05 ROVA ROD SLEEVE Lightweight Rod Sleeve which is designed for use with the Rova Quiver. The Sleeve is padded around the tip and reel areas to keep weight down to the minimum for the roving angler. Product Code Rova Rod Sleeve 12ft: GR0443 Length ( cm/ in) 200/ 78.7 ROVA SPECIALIST QUIVER Small, very lightweight quiver designed to carry two made- up rods without sleeves. The quiver has a landing net pocket and padded accessory pouch. Fitted inside the main compartment is a landing net handle retaining loop. This compartment will also accommodate two rod tubes. Zipped front pocket for banksticks etc. Carrying straps are all padded, multi- stitched and riveted. Product Code GR0444 Length ( cm/ in) 120/ 47.2 Diameter ( cm/ in) 15/ 5.9 UNIVERSAL QUIVER A specialist type quiver for the carp and pike angler who prefers to carry his rods without sleeves. Rods are held in place by Velcro ties and twin adjustable retaining straps. The large main compartment has an extending waterproof hood with drawcord. Two large zipped front pockets will easily accommodate banksticks, pods and other essentials. The quiver has a four rod capacity although, as with the Rova Quiver, it will easily accommodate extra rods if required. Padded carrying straps are multi- stitched and riveted for strength and reliability. Product Code GR0442 Length ( cm/ in) 125/ 49.2 Diameter ( cm/ in) 23/ 9.05 Our Price (£) 19.99 Our Price (£) 13.99 Our Price (£) 19.99 Our Price (£) 24.99 ONLY £ 19.99 ONLY £ 13.99 ONLY £ 19.99

WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM PADDED ROD SLEEVES Designed to carry and protect assembled rods and reels. Well padded throughout, the rod sleeves have large reel pouches which will easily accommodate Big Pit reels as required. The heavy duty zip is situated on the opposite side to the reel pouch to prevent any possibility of catching the line during transport. Available in two sizes, 12ft and 13ft. Product Code Padded Rod Sleeves 12ft: GR0496 Padded Rod Sleeves 13ft: GR0495 Length ( cm/ in) 198/ 77.9 217/ 85.4 CARP QUIVER Outstanding top- of- the- range Quiver with many features, offering extreme quality and value for money. The Carp Quiver has four- rod pockets, Velcro ties and D- Rings. With a fully padded and adjustable rod- retaining strap it has the facility to carry more rods with or without padded sleeves. The quiver is supplied complete with three padded 12ft rod sleeves and is designed for use with our 12 or 13ft Additional Padded Rod Sleeves which are also available separately. The Chub Triple- S Three Rod Sleeve is also compatible for use with the Carp Quiver. Just remove the shoulder strap from the Triple- S and clip on. Another unique feature of the Carp Quiver is the height of the main central pocket. This is taller than most and designed to give more stability and protection when carrying the taller type of brolly systems such as the Reflex. The two large exterior zipped front pockets will accommodate storm rods, banksticks, landing net and all associated items required for a session. The fully padded non- slip shoulder strap and handle are well- balanced to give comfortable carrying and are also multistitched and riveted. Product Code GR0441 Length ( cm/ in) 160/ 62.9 Diameter ( cm/ in) 27/ 10.6 CARP QUIVER 5 The Carp Quiver 5 is a larger version of the successful Carp Quiver but with even greater capacity. Featuring five rod pockets the Carp Quiver 5 is built to the same high spec and comes supplied complete with four individual padded sleeves. Product Code GR0497 Length ( cm/ in) 160/ 62.9 Diameter ( cm/ in) 27/ 10.6 ROD QUIVERS 43 Our Price (£) 18.99 19.99 Our Price (£) 62.99 Our Price (£) 67.99 RRP (£) 74.99 SPEND £ 50 ON LUGGAGE & IT'S POST FREE FROM £ 18.99 ONLY £ 62.99 ONLY £ 67.99 RRP (£) 69.99