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WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM RUCKSACK FEATURES Elasticated hood. Lifting hoop. All- in- one hassle- free waterproof cover integrated into zipped pouch. Invisible shoulder bar helps form a complete supporting structure and maintain the structure of the back. Removable aluminium alloy stays transfer the load from shoulder to hip. The frame can be shaped to suit individual needs and also removed for cleaning. The frame is specially designed to avoid distortion. Shoulder stabilising straps facilitate a snugger fit closer to the back. Variable height adjustment levels for the ultimate comfort and position. Padded shoulder harness is anatomically shaped to fit individual back lengths and designed to hug the body comfortably without restricting shoulder or arm movement. Adjustable chest stabiliser harness keeps the rucksack closer to the body. Extra thick padded waist belt with adjustable straps allow for even distribution of weight. Anatomically shaped spinal pad ensures comfort and extra protection in the spinal area. Super thick lumbar pad ensures total comfort and extra protection in the lumbar area. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 DAYSACK 20 LITRE The Chub Daysack is a stylish, lightweight and compact rucksack with a 20ltr capacity. Due to the many special design features the Daysack is extremely versatile for use on or off the bank. Ideal for the roving or stalking angler who wants to travel light, the Daysack is fitted with very comfortable padded shoulder straps and chest harness with waist belt. Pocket for hydration reservoir with outlet . Internal access music player pocket with headphone port . Top half zipped for easy access . Front zipped pocket with organiser . Adjustable side bottle holder . Integral rain cover Product Code GR0913 Width ( cm/ in) 35/ 13.7 Height ( cm/ in) 50/ 19.6 Depth ( cm/ in) 18/ 7.08 RUCKSACKS 45 Our Price (£) 22.99 RRP (£) 24.99 SPEND £ 50 ON LUGGAGE & IT'S POST FREE ONLY £ 22.99

WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM DIGGING STICK ( BANK STICK AUGER) Designed to compliment the Precision range of stainless steel products. For drilling holes in extremely hard or rocky ground. Suitable for use with bank sticks, bivvy poles etc. Complete with removable T- Bar and solid screw Auger point. Product Code: GR1012 Our Price (£): 16.99 WEIGH BAR/ CROOK Dual purpose weighing system that can be used as a standard weigh bar or adapted to be used as a hook crook by simply unscrewing one handle and revealing a threaded section, this can then be attached to a storm pole/ landing net handle for accurate weighing and support. The bar is supplied complete with weighing hook. Product Code: GR1019 Our Price (£): 14.99 BANKSTICK STABILISER The Chub robust bank stick stabiliser forms part of the Precision range of stainless steel products. Anti- twist. An invaluable aid when using a buzz bar type set- up while fishing on hard or unstable ground. Twin prongs for added stability. Product Code: GR1011 Our Price (£): 9.99 REAR ROD REST The Chub Precision rear rod rest has been machined from a solid piece of stainless steel and has been designed for use with abbreviated or slim Japanese shrink- wrap rod handles. Built to last a lifetime and styled to match our ' chunky' precision range of stainless steel products. It also includes a 20mm stainless steel locking collar for perfect alignment and a non- slip rubber lining to protect polished rod blanks. Product Code: GR1075 Our Price (£): 4.99 PRECISION STAINLESS STEEL 75 ALL PRECISION STAINLESS STEEL IS POST FREE ONLY £ 16.99 ONLY £ 14.99 ONLY £ 9.99 ONLY £ 4.99