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LUGGAGE BAGS SNOOPER BAG Multi- use bag ideal for the specialist or stalking angler, the Snooper T Bag has many features. The Snooper T is supplied with a multi-divisional tackle box which fits into the top pocket. The front pocket is fitted with an integral rig wallet and pouch. The base unzips and forms an ideal compartment for storing weights, floats and other accessories. With meshed side pockets, the bag has a padded and adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles. Product Code GR0460 Width ( cm/ in) 35/ 13.7 Height ( cm/ in) 25/ 9.84 Depth ( cm/ in) 32/ 12.5 ROVA BAG A very handy utility bag with a multitude of uses. Although designed for the roving angler, the Rova can also be used as a camera bag due to the padded, adjustable and removable separators in the main compartment and elasticised retainers in the front pocket. The Rova also features two external pockets. With fully padded interior and large mesh pocket, this bag will store a deceptive amount of equipment. It is ideal for short sessions, stalking or as a spare bag for carrying extra amounts of kit as required. The Rova Bag is fitted with a padded and adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles. Product Code GR0446 Width ( cm/ in) 42/ 16.5 Height ( cm/ in) 26/ 10.2 Depth ( cm/ in) 30/ 11.8 DOC BAGS The new Chub Doc Bags set the standard for design and innovation. The Chub Doc Bag is a multi- purpose and extremely versatile carryall which has fully adjustable and removable interior dividers. The bag also features a stiff integral work shelf and has a wide mouth opening for easy access. Designed and manufactured to give maximum use of space the roomy exterior pockets give additional storage and capacity for storing a full range of accessories and are fully zipped. The front of the bag features an overflap with built- in pocket for added protection. The whole bag has a fully lined interior for durability and features padded shoulder strap and meshed carry handle with waterproof base. Product Code GR0911 GR0807 GR0912 Height ( cm/ in) 32/ 12.5 32/ 12.5 32/ 12.5 Depth ( cm/ in) 27/ 10.6 27/ 10.6 27/ 10.6 Width ( cm/ in) 40/ 15.7 50/ 19.6 60/ 23.6 Size Medium Large X- Large Our Price (£) 26.99 RRP (£) 29.99Our Price (£) 24.99 RRP (£) 27.99 Our Price (£) 35.99 39.99 44.99 RRP (£) 39.99 44.99 49.99 MEDIUMLARGE XL ONLY £ 26.99 ONLY £ 24.99

WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM RIGGER COMPACT COOLSTYLE BAG The Rigger Compact Coolstyle Bag is a half moon shaped bag designed for the stalking or roving angler. The main compartment is insulated with a coolstyle lining to keep baits fresh. The bag comes with two detachable pouches fitted at each end. One is a mini rig pouch and the other an accessory pouch with dividers. The base of the bag has a zipped and moulded EVA base. Product Code GR0478 Dimensions ( cm/ in) 47x30x21/ 18.5x11.8x8.3 XL RIGGER COOLSTYLE BAG The XL Rigger Coolstyle Bag is the all- round multi- purpose bag, it is a must for all roving and session anglers. A key feature of the bag is its removable and washable lining. This is ideal for hemp and other particles and pellets you may require. The main bag can also act as a cool bag for your food and drinks. You can be assured of maximum performance thanks to the insulated, reflective foil, coolstyle lining. The whole bag benefits from the new design and several easy carry handles. The bag incorporates the new logo, and zip pullers. The waterproof wipe clean, plastic moulded base, stops water penetrating/ leaching into the bag. Product Code GR0479 Width ( cm/ in) 37/ 14.56 Height ( cm/ in) 28/ 11.02 Depth ( cm/ in) 59/ 23.22 RIGGER BAG Stiff- sided bag designed specifically for the carp and specialist angler. The Rigger Bag has a detachable rig and accessory pouch fitted at either end. The Rigger Bag also comes with a multi- divisional tackle box housed in the top pocket and has a zipped and waterproof moulded base for complete protection. The Bag has a non- slip padded shoulder strap and mesh style carry handles. Product Code GR0344 Width ( cm/ in) 55/ 21.6 Height ( cm/ in) 44/ 17.3 Depth ( cm/ in) 30/ 11.8 BAGS 49 Our Price (£) 44.99 RRP (£) 49.99 Our Price (£) 35.99 RRP (£) 39.99 Our Price (£) 26.99 RRP (£) 29.99 SPEND £ 50 ON LUGGAGE & IT'S POST FREE ONLY £ 44.99 ONLY £ 35.99 ONLY £ 26.99