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WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM With so many different lengths and test curves available, choosing a carp rod can be a real minefield. To make things easier for you, we've decided on a few guidelines that should help you make the correct choice. During recent years there has been a trend towards more powerful test curves. This probably reflects the fact that carp are getting bigger! This, coupled with the introduction of PVA bags and Method Feeders, means that some anglers require that extra ' punch' from their carp rods. This is due to the Method Feeder and bag's less than aerodynamic shapes. While you read this, please remember these are only guidelines and that length and test curve choice will always remain a personal one. Both feel and comfort will play a big part - what suits one angler will not always be right for another. For example, some of the more extreme rod lengths and test curves require a good casting technique, to compress the blank and release its full potential. With this in mind, other anglers prefer lower test curves to gain maximum feel during the fight. Whatever model, length or test curve, you can be sure that it's been tried and tested by our scientists, design engineers, and our Chub Carp Academy members. That is why it carries the Chub name and the Chub Worldwide Extended Warranty. 2.5LB This test curve is ideal for fishing short to medium range. When fishing at close range a softer 2.5lb rod will absorb the lunges of a fighting fish. This also means excellent casting accuracy, especially with short- range baits. Don't be deceived though, all our 2.5lb test curve carp rods have good reserves of power in the butt section, should it be needed. While this test curve lends itself superbly for playing fish, it's not ideal for casting out large Method feeders, or PVA bags. This is because the rod can easily be bottomed out ( over stretched) under these high compression loads. As well as being a great medium- range fishing rod, this test curve is a popular choice for surface fishing. 2.75LB A very popular test curve that's able to cope with a multitude of situations. Ideal for fishing either single leads, or small Method Feeders and PVA bags. In the right hands these rods are capable of 100 yards plus, yet are also great fish players close into the bank. You can do all this without the fear of a high hook pull rate. A 2.75lb carp rod is a truly versatile tool, but particularly well suited to medium to long- range fishing. 3LB Out of all our test curves, this is now the most popular in our range. Excellent reserves of power make fishing at range no problem, whether it's single leads or a PVA bag. Don't be shy about really winding these rods up to get into the butt section to release the power. Like the 2.75lb, our 3lb test curves are particularly well suited to medium- long fishing but with a touch more power for punching out baits, or setting the hook at range should the need arise. In the right hands, and with the correct set- up, distances of over 130 yards can easily be achieved. 3.5LB This test curve is ideal for the angler who wants to fish big baits and bags, at the limits of their casting ability. When using higher test curves like this, slightly more care will need to be taken while playing fish under the rod tip. With the correct casting styles and good compression, distances of 150 yards+ can be achieved. During testing we have seen recorded distances of well in excess of 200 yards using some of our models. The extra power of these rods will be well appreciated by anglers looking to set hooks well at range. SHOCK LEADER GUIDE As a guide always use the 10x safety rule for your shock leaders, so for example, for a 3oz lead use a 30lb shock leader, 4oz lead 40lb shock leader etc. This will result in fewer crack- offs when striving for that extra distance. CASTING WEIGHT GUIDELINES LENGTH TEST CURVE CASTING WEIGHT 12' 2.5lb 1oz to 3.5oz - optimum is 2.5oz 12' 2.75lb 1oz to 4oz - optimum is 3oz 12' 3lb 1oz to 4oz - optimum is 3oz 12' 3.5lb 1oz to 5oz - optimum is 3.5oz 13' 3.5lb 1oz to 5oz - optimum is 4oz RODS CHOOSING YOUR CARP ROD WHICH LENGTH AND TEST CURVE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? WHAT CAN IT CAST? 5

RODS OUTKAST The Chub Outkast was the first in a line of a new generation of Chub carp rods. These are built using the latest in- house technology and also utilise the most up- to- date carbon processes never available before in rods of this price range. Designed to cover all aspects of carp fishing, the rods are available in four test curves from 2.5lb to 3.5lb. They feature lovely slim, lightweight yet extremely powerful performance driven blanks, which give a very minimal, modern look. The Outkast features five double legged SIC guides and tip ring, screw lock reel seat and abbreviated handle with a Japanese shrink-wrap butt grip, plus carbon line clip. During testing the Outkast exceeded all Product Code GR0317 GR0318 GR0319 GR0320 GR0388 Length ft/ m 12'/ 3.66 12'/ 3.66 12'/ 3.66 12'/ 3.66 13'/ 3.96 Test Curve ( lb) 2.5 2.75 3 3.5 3.5 Weight ( g/ oz) 291/ 10.26 316/ 11.14 335/ 11.81 367/ 12.94 420/ 14.81 Pieces 2 2 2 2 2 expectations revealing a smooth progressive action but with plenty of power for long casting, achieving some phenomenal distances yet still retaining a superb playing action capable of handling big fish. So confident are we on the performance of these rods that they come with a Worldwide Extended Warranty, also a first for rods in this price range. Our Price (£) 69.99 69.99 69.99 79.99 99.99 RRP (£) 79.99 79.99 79.99 89.99 109.99 SAVE £ 10 ALL RODS Are Post Free