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WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM BITS BAGS Waterproof bags with a top flap which is fastened with Velcro. These are ideal for storing all your bits and pieces from lead weights to PVA bags and are so useful you will wonder how you ever did without them. Three bags per pack, one large and two small. Product Code: GR0404 RRP (£): 3.49 Our Price (£): 3.99 RIG & BITS POUCH The Chub Rig & Bits Pouch will safely store all your ready- tied rigs and rig components in one place. The top compartment contains a double- sided rig board with the capacity for over 50 rigs. The integral moulded bar protects hook points from damage and compact easy- grab pins keep your rigs neat and tidy. A rigid divider also prevents tangles when the rig boards are closed. The second compartment contains 10 large PVC wallets that are zipped for easy access and will accommodate all the necessary rigmaking accessories. There is also a generous zipped mesh pocket and retaining loops that hold your rig tools firmly in place. Product Code GR0813 Width ( cm/ in) 20/ 7.87 Height ( cm/ in) 30/ 11.8 Depth ( cm/ in) 16/ 6.3 COMPACT RIG WALLET The Chub Compact Rig Wallet has a hard protective outer case to keep your rigs safe and secure. Although compact in size this double- sided wallet has the capacity forover 40 rigs and is perfect for all short type rigs such as stiff and chod rigs. The integral moulded bar protects hook points from damage and the small easy- grab pins keep your rigs neat and tidy. A rigid divider also prevents tangles when the wallet is closed. Product Code GR0915 Width ( cm/ in) 16/ 6.29 Height ( cm/ in) 25/ 9.84 Depth ( cm/ in) 4.5/ 1.77 ACCESSORIES 55 Our Price (£) 14.99 Our Price (£) 26.99 RRP (£) 29.99 ONLY £ 26.99 ONLY £ 3.99 ONLY £ 14.99

LUGGAGE ACCESSORIES PVA POUCH At last a dedicated pouch designed specifically for use with PVA. As we all know PVA is one of the most useful and popular products accounting for numerous catches of carp and specimen fish over the years but until now nothing had been manufactured solely for the pur-pose of protecting the product from the damp environment. The Chub PVA Pouch has now changed this. PVA is supplied in many different styles including bags, tape, string and the ever popular stocking/ web type PVA tubing which comes supplied in plastic tubes and refill packs. The PVA Pouch has a place for all these. The pouch comes supplied with large integral PVC wallets and two waterproof plastic containers in which to keep the PVA safe and dry. The containers will take refills from the most popular manufacturers and are held securely in position with elastic loops. The pouch also comes supplied with a stylish micro-fibre quick dry towel in a watertight pocket to ensure that hands are clean and dry before use. ACCESSORY BOXES These handy accessory boxes are fully padded and are manufactured in three sizes. Compact design affords protection and safety of various items of tackle from lead weights to bite alarms. The boxes have zip tops with removable Velcro dividers which allow the compartments inside the box to be adjusted to different sizes. An excellent product for the safe storage and transportation of tackle. BITS BELT The Chub Bits Belt is perfect for the roving or stalking angler who likes to keep tackle accessories close to hand. The dual adjustable belt has four zipped pockets of varying sizes. It is also ideal for keeping personal items and essentials safe and secure. . Dual adjustable waist belt and quick release buckle . Mesh back cooling for comfort . 4 zipped pockets Product Code GR0914 Depth ( cm/ in) 12/ 4.72 Width ( cm/ in) 65/ 25.5 Product Code GR0405 Width ( cm/ in) 26/ 10.2 Height ( cm/ in) 11/ 4.33 Depth ( cm/ in) 20/ 7.87 Product Code GR0552 GR0553 GR0554 Width ( cm/ in) 12/ 4.72 24/ 9.44 36/ 14.17 Height ( cm/ in) 7.5/ 2.95 7.5/ 2.95 7.5/ 2.95 Depth ( cm/ in) 17.5/ 6.88 17.5/ 6.88 17.5/ 6.88 Our Price (£) 12.99 Our Price (£) 6.99 9.99 12.99 Our Price (£) 9.99 ONLY £ 12.99 GR0552 GR0553 GR0554 FROM ONLY £ 6.99 ONLY £ 9.99