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CARP CARE SPECIALIST UNHOOKING MAT A large but lightweight unhooking mat with foam padding for protection and fish safety. Manufactured from fish friendly materials, the mat features four pegging points, strong elasticated straps which allow the mat to be folded for compact carrying and is supplied complete with its own carry bag. Product Code GR0904 Height ( cm/ in) 2.5/ 0.98 Width ( cm/ in) 93/ 36.6 Depth ( cm/ in) 50/ 19.6 UNHOOKING MAT Featuring 25mm thick foam padding covered in a fish- friendly waterproof material on both sides which is also easy to wipe clean. Pegging points on all corners for the low profile pegs that are also supplied. The unhooking mats come in two sizes, Standard and Large. The Standard mat will take the majority of carp and barbel. The Large is a real monster mat suitable for the largest carp and pike. Both mats are supplied in waterproof carrybags complete with peg holders and pegs. Product Code GR0433 GR0434 Height ( cm/ in) 2.5/ 0.98 2.5/ 0.98 Width ( cm/ in) 98/ 38.5 105/ 41.3 Depth ( cm/ in) 50/ 19.6 67/ 26.3 NET FLOAT Simply unscrew the block and fit the Net Float onto the handle. Replace block and secure by using the elastic strap. Once in position tighten drawstrings and trim to suit. If your landing net does not have a detachable block just slide the Net Float up from the bottom end of the handle and secure as above. Extremely useful when netting fish single- handed as the Net Float will support the net making it easy to manoeuvre. Product Code GR0738 Length ( cm/ in) 22/ 8.66 Diameter ( cm/ in) 6.5/ 2.55 Our Price (£) 10.99 Our Price (£) 15.99 21.99 Our Price (£) 4.99 ONLY £ 10.99 FROM ONLY £ 15.99 ONLY £ 4.99

WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM Our Price (£) 16.99 LANDING NET STINK BAG Imagine you are catching fish all day and it's time to go home. Your net is covered in fish slime, and dripping wet. Would you want to just throw it in your car? Imagine water dripping everywhere and fish slime oozing around the boot of your car... we thought not, so we produced a net stink bag. This is so at the end of the day, your net can be put away in your rod bag without fear of making your car, and/ or rod bag stink! Product Code GR0472 Length ( cm/ in) 115/ 45.2 Diameter ( cm/ in) 11/ 4.33 WEIGH SLING The Chub Weigh Sling is manufactured using the most up- to date fish- friendly materials which provide total assurance for security and safety of the fish. The design and shape of the sling combined with the ultra strong handles, which are stitched completely around the sling, including the underside, give total support for even the largest of fish. The weigh sling has excellent drainage facilities which allows water to disperse easily for accurate weighing. PVC coating prevents any damage to the fish and is also easy to keep clean. Comes supplied with carrybag. Product Code GR0426 Length ( cm/ in) 100/ 39.4 Depth ( cm/ in) 62/ 24.4 SAFETY WEIGH SLING Built to the same excellent standard as our weigh sling but incorporating reinforced support bars along the top edge. Zips at both ends have protection baffles for easy release and the Safety Weigh Sling also features Velcro strips just below the support bars for added security while carrying and returning the fish to the water. Fine mesh patches below the zips allow the sling to be used as a retainer while preparing the fish for weighing or photography. At the base there is a safe drainage system which allows water to escape quickly for accurate weighing. Manufactured with a fish- friendly PVC coating and strong webbing handles which are stitched completely around the sling for total support. The Safety Weigh Sling comes supplied with a waterproof carrybag and rolls up neatly to fit easily into a rod bag or quiver. Product Code GR0427 Length ( cm/ in) 106/ 41.7 Depth ( cm/ in) 50/ 19.7 CARP CARE 71 Our Price (£) 7.99 Our Price (£) 21.99 ONLY £ 7.99 ONLY £ 16.99 ONLY £ 21.99