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SCALES & FLOATS DIGITAL SCALES The Chub Digital Scales are perfectly designed for the modern day specialist & specimen angler. A 30kg/ 66lb capacity in 25g/ 1oz divisions provides a high level of accuracy and the generous zero/ tare facility will accommodate the largest of weigh slings. The load stability recognition and hold facility makes the weighing and recording process quick and simple to use. The scale has a large backlit digital LCD display which is easy to read and can be simply converted from Kg to Lbs. Scale operation is via four push buttons which are also backlit for easy use in darkness. A dedicated on/ off switch and auto power off function ensure maximum battery life. A compact yet tough polycarbonate body and stainless steel hook and weigh bar point complete the impressive list of features. . 30kg/ 66lb x 25g/ 1oz Capacity . Load stability recognition and hold . 50 weight memory . Generous Zero/ tare facility . Large easy ready digital LCD display . Active backlit buttons and display . Dedicated on off switch . Auto power off function maximizes . Polycarbonate Body with stainless . Dual power source for memory backup Product Code: GR0843 RRP (£): 59.99 Our Price (£): 53.99 SCALES POUCH Neatly padded pouch that is specifically designed for the safe and easy transport of Chub digital scales. The pouch has two double zipped compartments which allow accessories such as weigh bars, forceps and medication to be stored alongside the scales for use when unhooking and weighing. The pouch is manufactured from 600D waterproof material and also features 5mm foam padding for added protection. Chub lining, zip pullers and logo come as standard. . 600 D waterproof material . Chub lining . Chub embroidered logo . Chub zip pullers . Black trim . 24 x 13 x 7cm Product Code GR1004 Height ( cm/ in) 13/ 5.11 Width ( cm/ in) 24/ 9.44 Depth ( cm/ in) 7/ 2.75 " A COMPACT, TOUGH AND RELIABLE SET OF SCALES THAT I HAVE TOTAL FAITH IN AND WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND." battery life steel hook and hang point Our Price (£) 8.99 ONLY £ 53.99 ONLY £ 8.99 GET THE SACLES AND POUCH FOR £ 59.99

WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM LOCATOR MARKER FLOATS LONG DISTANCE LOCATOR FLOAT Designed for use at extreme range. Super buoyant high impact body ensures that the float rises rapidly giving exceptional visibility even in rough open water conditions. The steel spine and aerodynamic shape increase air stability during casting, this, combined with the unique rotating flights, allows the float to fly like a dart giving maximum range and pinpoint accuracy. Product Code: GR0745 Our Price (£): 6.50 LOCATOR SURFACE CONTROLLERS Manufactured from a dense but buoyant and hard- wearing material like the Marker Floats. The controllers are individually made and tested to maintain the correct ' ride height' on the surface. Weights are fitted internally and the controllers are tapered to ensure smooth casting and less splash on entry. Available in three sizes. Product Code: Size 1: GR0403 Size 2: GR0585 Size 3: GR0450 Our Price (£): 3.99 SCALES & FLOATS 73 £ 3.99 £ 3.99 £ 3.99 Manufactured from a very dense but buoyant material, both Markers cast extremely well and have a hi- vis finish. The Markers come in two sizes, the size 1 is a slimmer model designed for use at distance. The size 2 is a bulkier and more buoyant float ideal for medium to close range and for fishing weedier areas. Product Code: Size 1: GR0586 Our Price (£): 4.50 Product Code: Size 2: GR0587 Our Price (£): 4.50 ONLY £ 6.50