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SMART BOX SMART BOX The Chub Smart Box T is a comprehensive tackle box, which allows the angler to be organised and keep all the necessary rig items and components stored safely and securely. The systematic design has many features, which have been carefully thought out to ensure the best use of space. Internal accessory boxes have a unique one touch system, making them easy to access. Included with the complete set are, 2 - 4 and 8 compartment large accessory boxes and two smaller 4 compartment boxes. There are also two shallow 8 compartment boxes that are perfect for storing very small items of tackle such as swivels, beads and rig rings. The complete system also comes with 8 spool dispensers, perfect for the angler who needs to store a multitude of hooklength materials, PVA or leaders. A cleverly designed hinge system allows the box lid to fold flat forming a tray for rig assembly. Also built into the lid are two rulers for precise rig assembly and a groove seal around its edge that is water resistant when shut. The box is safely and tightly sealed with two flush fitting " sure- shut" clips. The Chub Smart Box T is supplied either as a complete system featuring seven assorted internal accessory boxes and eight spool dispensers or just the Smart Box T base on its own to suit personal preference. The internal accessory boxes are available separately in an assorted pack of five and pack of two for the shallow accessory boxes. The spool dispensers are available in packs of three. Unique one touch easy out system. Individual clear lids with flat hinge system. Moulded rulers are graduated in mm and inches for precise rig tying. Spool dispensers complete with its own cutter and spool. Individual snap tight lids allow easy access and help avoid tackle loss. Product Code GR0666 GR0409 Model Smart Box ( Complete) Smart Box Dimensions ( cm/ in) 29x24x5.3/ 11.41x9.45x2.09 - TM Our Price (£) 19.99 9.99 ONLY £ 19.99

WWW. CHUBFISHING. COM ACCESSORIES BOXES The accessory boxes have a unique one touch easy out system with snap shut individual clear lids which allow easy access and help avoid tackle loss. Each pack contains three different large boxes which have 2 - 4 and 8 compartments plus two smaller boxes which have 4 individual compartments. Product Code: GR0410 Model: Internal Boxes ( Pack of 5) Our Price (£): 7.99 SHALLOW INTERNAL BOXES The boxes have a curved base that allows them to be easily removed from your tackle box and each compartment has an individual snap tight lid to give quick access. Comes supplied in a pack of two. Product Code: GR1006 Model: Shallow Int 8 Box ( Pack of 2) Our Price (£): 4.99 SPOOL DISPENSERS The dispensers allow the angler to store their own choice of hooklength materials, PVA or leader and also come with a sharp cutter which will deal with the toughest of hooklength materials. Each pack contains three dispensers. Product Code: GR1007 Model: Spool Dispensers ( Pack of 3) Our Price (£): 4.99 SMART BOX 77 ONLY £ 7.99 ONLY £ 4.99 ONLY £ 4.99