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23The temperature of this source is just as bewildering; the outside air temperature today is close to 30ºC with bright sunshine, yet the water peaks at 6-7ºC! Meaning thermal under wader wear is a must throughout the season, acting like your own personal air conditioning when fishing the summer - making fishing so much more comfortable. With seasonality very similar to that of the UK it is easy to judge the temperatures and most prolific times to visit. In late May/June fly hatches thicken the skies, as huge stonefly and mayfly are united with wader-blackening Caddis hatches. All of these insects are major contributors to the diet of the goliath-like Trout and Grayling in this river. Late September/October is an equally abundant time to visit as the Caddis and Stonefly return, to the delight of the fish and anglers respectively. Nonetheless, all year round you are able to fish dryfly, such is the richness of Bosnia, with daily hatches of Olive from late morning until darkness. The scenery of this exquisite land is difficult to define, thanks to its bio-diversity. Turn one corner and you could be forgiven for thinking you are in British Columbia with high tree-lined mountains and flowing rapids. Turn the next corner to discover a lagoon some 30 foot deep displaying colours that belong to an exotic saltwater destination.continued from page 15river ribnik, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Yet prior to visiting Bosnia, I like many others, conjured up imagery of a war-ravaged land which dominated the newsroom headlines of the early nineties, as much as the modern day Iraq or Afghanistan.Even today many would not dare grace this majestic country for such prejudices, which become entrenched when my plans, discussed with fellow fishermen, friends and family alike are often met by the response: "why on earth would you want to go there?"But being a true adrenaline junkie at heart, this kind of response only excites me further. The opportunity to visit a destination where many have not been (nor would dare to go) is to me what adventure fishing is all about! It has the potential to throw up the most rewarding outcomes for those who dare to go one step further. and Bosnia does just that, at a fraction of the cost of many other prestigious destinations!river ribnik, Bosnia & Herzegovina24