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30-31 marukyu.indd 24/3/11 11:57:13

UNDERSTANDING THE SCIENCE Keith Arthur talks you through the technology behind Marukyu's wide range of baits and explains why they are scientifically proved to catch more fishIF YOU consider it possible that there could be one ultimate, catch-all bait you are going to be very disappointed. Because we fish for a wide variety of species of different sizes, suffer seasonal weather patterns with wide variations of temperature and changing water chemistry there can be no magic bullet.During my long fishing career, well over 50 years, I have caught lots of magnificent fish and won plenty of competitions. The mystical term 'watercraft' as well as fish location have both played a major part, but importantly I have always been seeking an 'edge' - a term that most successful anglers frequently use.Today, I can look to science to play a major role in giving me that edge. There is more available knowledge about fish, how they recognise and use what they eat than ever before. There is more understanding how fish are attracted and enticed to feed and how to keep them feeding for longer. At the same time the food we give them as our bait is actually improving their condition and well-being, as well as reducing damage to water quality.In my early days of fishing, groundbait meant breadcrumbs plus any little extras I cared to add, from herbs and spices, sugar in various forms and other, mainly kitchen-based ingredients. I had no science behind my mixes, just 'suck-it-and-see' technology. Now the science is available, groundbaits can be produced that we know for sure attract fish. I have always believed in the attraction of sound - everything that lands on water, as far as a fish is concerned, could be dinner. Now science has come up with mixes that actually continue to emit sounds once they are on the bottom, as the ingredients absorb the water surrounding them. A bit like the 'snap, crackle and pop' of that well-known breakfast cereal.Science can give us baits with controlled breakdown speeds - not just how fast our perfectly delivered ball of groundbait opens up but, due to different processes used on the ingredients, how separate particles release their attractants.The scientists can also produce visible stimulants that contain virtually zero food value but loads of taste - don't tell me that smelling bacon under a grill doesn't make you want to eat! We can produce that effect on fish.Much of this is based around enzyme technology and the knowledge that different temperature conditions make enzymes work at different rates. It is even possible to produce seasonally-adjusted baits. Now that is an edge!The same situation also applies to different species. While most of the fish we target - mainly carp-related cyprinids - will eat the same things, individual species are more readily attracted to some ingredients than others. So that means baits are available to attract various species in various conditions.Like me, you will have read about, and probably tried, every 'wonder-bait' or ingredient that has come on to the market. Some work some days, some on others and yet more never seem to have that 'edge'. The baits within these pages are produced by Marukyu, the biggest and most successful bait company in the world; a bait company that employs its own scientists to work alongside the field-testers and professional anglers actually putting the bait to the test. It is about as far removed from the suck-it-and-see technology I used years ago as a Formula One car of today is from a Model T Ford.Already, thousands of UK anglers fishing every type of water for every type of coarse fish have reaped the benefits. What's more, the fish they feed have also benefited, as well as the water in which they live. I think you owe it to yourself to give it a try. You will find it works. "Marukyu's science has given me an edge that I know works" marukyu.indd 34/3/11 11:57:30