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WHAT GEAR 2011 39WHAT GEAR 2011THE Marukyu scientists decided that the very best way to make pellets for catching lots of fish was to use the cold process method.Almost all aquaculture pellets made for feeding fish are made by the extrusion method, which involves a heating process. The Scientifically Designed Pellets are not.Marukyu scientists believe that a cold manufactured pellet has many advantages over a heated product, including fast breakdown speeds. Because of this, Marukyu pellets are extremely fast-working and are also certified as being fish and environmentally-friendly Size for size they are heavier which gives them another distinct advantage. And an important point is: what is good for aquaculture is not necessarily good for fishing.? Scientifically designed SDP pellets are not aquaculture pellets? Specially formulated for coarse fish? Two flavours? Ocean flavour with 12 main ingredients? Marine flavour with 13 main ingredientsSCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED PELLETSSDP 2001, 2003, 2006 & 2008 - ocean flavoured with additional proteinSDP 2101, 2103, 2106 & 2108 - marine flavoured plus noriUnlike most competitors' pellets, which other than size are the same throughout the range, Marukyu has designed its 1mm pellets differently.Paste fishing is very popular and to make incredible bait just cover a quantity of 1mm pellets with water and leave for 20 minutes. The result is a brilliant paste.MARUKYU'S SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED PELLETS ARE DIFFERENT..Cold process gives SDP pellets more fish appealJamie Masson: "I use and recommend Marukyu baits"WHY DO MARUKYU PELLETS LOOK DIFFERENT?? Marukyu pellets use no heat in their production this means that nothing is lost regarding key attracters and feeding triggers.There are no artifi cial colours and instant all temperature attraction isguaranteed with controlled breakdown speeds.? In addition you have a choice of pellets - Nori or Protein.Nori is all species all temperatures,Protein is more carp specifi c.SDP 2210ALL-TEMPERATURE SOFT HOOK PELLETS .OCEAN FORMULA .BIG CARP .SDP 2410ALL-TEMPERATURE HOOK PELLETS .TANISHI (WATER SNAIL) FORMULA .ALL FISH .SDP 2310ALL-TEMPERATURE SOFT HOOK PELLETS .NORI ALL-SPECIES FORMULA .CARP/BREAM/BARBEL .SDP 2001/2003/2006/2008FAST-BREAK-DOWN PELLETS????????PROTEIN/FISHMEAL FORMULA????????ALL-TEMPERATURE RANGE????????SPECIMEN FISH????????SDP 2101/2103/2106/2108FAST-BREAK-DOWN MARINE PELLETS????????ALL-TEMPERATURE RANGE????????NORI FORMULA????????CARP/BREAM/BARBEL/TENCH???????? 2210/2310/2410 are a soft versatile pellet that can be hair rigged, side hooked or wrapped around a boilie or pellet38-39 Maryku.indd 34/3/11 12:07:21 HODGES ALL-TIME FAVOURITE BIG CARP RECIPESHere's how to mix Marukyu baits so they perform at their best to help you catchMETHOD MIX1 x bag of Marukyu EFG1421 x bag of Marukyu EFG1511 x sachet of Marukyu Liquid Krill SFA 4101 x packet of Marukyu SDP2003 pelletsMIXING INSTRUCTIONSTake equal parts of EFG142 and EFG151 and mix together thoroughly in a bowl.Add a generous splash of Liquid Krill (SFA 410) and mix some lake water following the instructions on the packet. Add a generous handful of pellets and a handful of broken boilies.The finished mix wet - it must be able to mould round your weight or method feeder err on the side of caution when adding water - you can't take water away but you can always add a bit more. Unlike match anglers who use groundbait that breaks up quickly, I prefer a slightly stickier mix so that the carp have to feed aggressively on the ball. This aggressive feeding usually results in very positive bites.Marukyu reserves the right to alter prices and change specificationswithout prior notice. All weights and measurements are approximate.Marukyu U.K. Ltd, 3 Clos Fferws, Parc Hendre, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, SA18 3BL Tel: 03003 03 1012 Fax: 03003 03 1013 400 POWDER KRILLI have found this product to be devastating and I know that match anglers have been using it to make krilled maggots.I add this to both my method most sensational visual and taste attractant I have ever seen. Plus, by adding this additive it gives me another product that is different in breakdown speed. From a fish's view, this must be like visiting not only a top restaurant but also a café with bacon under the grill. I know that this irresistible to any big carp which will have never tasted food so good! PVA BAG MIXThis mix can have exactly the same ingredients as the method mix but instead of adding water to the mix I will add more of the Marukyu liquid additives, which are all PVA-friendly. The consistency that I am looking for is groundbait This mix is one of my different mixes round a method feeder. SFA 420 makes an unbelievable glug for any hookbait - dozens of amino acids and key triggers makes even average bait brilliant.INGREDIENTS1 x bag of Marukyu EFG1421 x bag of Marukyu EFG1511 x bottle of SFA 420 Sanagi and Crayfish1 x packet of Marukyu SDP2003 pelletsmix and stick mix to create the Andy Kinder's top tipsIf you follow the mixing instructions on the back of the Marukyu EFG groundbaits you will have a perfect mix for use in up to 6ft of stillwater.I use EFG 100 and EFG 120 to slow down the breakdown speed.For water up to 10ft deep, add around 30% of the above. Use as much as 50% in flowing or very deep water.Use EFG 100 if your target is carp. Use EFG 120, which contains Nori, if it is to target all species.again. Slowly add that will just about stick together when compressed, but not so sticky that you could mould it. favourites and I have caught literally hundreds of carp while using it, but don't be scared to experiment with should not be over and withstand a cast. Always combination is 0XX Maruyku back page.indd 14/3/11 12:09:55