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DESIGNED BY SCIENTISTS, PRODUCED BY ROBOTS, APPROVED BY MILLIONS Marukyu UK's Roy Marlow explains how their baits can help you catch more fishMarukyu's head offi ce in Japan"In 2011, science has totally changed the world we live in and everyone has embraced modern technology - well, almost everyone!The same applies to fishing. How many of us head to the bank with the best off-the-shelf bait that money can buy right now? Answer: very few, unless you're using Marukyu products.I have been fishing all of my life and, apart from winning many hundreds of competitions, I have caught some magnificent fish. To achieve this I'm always looking for an edge over my competitors. In the past, my scientific knowledge was much the same as most bait designers; it was based on old favourite ingredients that I had success with, and those traditional baits and The procurement, quality control and processing of these ingredients make up a large part of the Marukyu staff's everyday work while these processes assure anglers that they have the same quality bait every time they open any pack of Marukyu bait. These are not cheap, volume products.But, like for like, Marukyu products are in fact no more expensive than other bait products. If you take the EFG groundbaits, for example, you will use far less than conventional baits because of the way they work. Add to that no wastage because you do not need to riddle them and the self seal bag keeps unused baits in perfect condition. An identical mix can be made in minutes, so only mix what you think you will About Roy: Roy Marlow, Development Director of Maruyku UK, was one of the country's best-known match fisherman in the 1970s and 80s. Winning numerous high-profile contests, being part of the legendary Likely Lads team and fishing for England are among the highlights. He now owns the famous Mallory Park Fisheries - one of the first commercial waters in the country - and match fishes regularly. additions that almost everyone has used at some point.Then along came Marukyu. In Japan, they're the bait company with a production facility the size of three football fields run by teams of scientists plus 500 pros worldwide, all dedicated to producing baits that really catch fish.Easily said, I know, but how and why are Marukyu different? For a start, they use over 600 ingredients, all selected and tested extensively by scientists who understand what triggers fish to feed. Many of these are exclusive to the company so you won't find them in any other product in the world. The baits are designed to catch fish, not just feed them - an important difference. FACTSMarukyu celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010032-033 Maruyku.indd 24/3/11 12:02:42

Much of the donkey work is left to robotsMarukyu products - scientifi cally designed R&D scientists design new baitsFully automated production guarantees the consistency of high-quality How often do you throw away unused bait? I fish with the best tackle available, but I know that fish don't eat tackle, they eat bait, and top quality bait is in fact a very small part of the total an angler would spend when you add up equipment, travel and ticket expenses.The science that goes into every product is proven. Marukyu has worked hard over the past 43 years to build up a base of scientific knowledge that its bait designers rely upon.Working with government agencies, such as CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Studies) and top class centres of excellence such as the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Marukyu constantly refines its theories and research to keep it on the cutting edge of technology.Marukyu also respects the water environment that is essential for all of us to enjoy fishing and spends money and time researching the affect of bait on the environment and introducing new fish-friendly technologies. Marukyu believes this is its responsibility as a bait manufacturer and market leader.One thing I have learned over many years of fishing is that you don't get the best results unless you use the best quality baits, and Marukyu is, in my opinion, the very best you can buy."FACTSMarukyu's products are enjoyed by users in more than 20 countriesFACTSMarukyu uses over 600 different ingredients to make around 300 different baitsFACTSTen full-time scientists work exclusively on developing new fish catching andenvironmentally friendly products032-033 Maruyku.indd 34/3/11 12:03:02