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BAIT is without doubt the most important part of carp fishing. If a carp doesn't want to eat the bait you're using, then you're never going to catch. Don't get me wrong, you still need to put the bait in the right place but the wrong bait in the right spot may not get eaten at all.So what should you look for in bait? Personally, I want quality bait that ticks all the right boxes according to the time of year. I want bait that carp recognise as a food source they want to eat. What you must remember is that carp will change their diet throughout the year as the water temperature changes and different food sources become available. So how do you pick bait that suits all these different conditions? The simple answer is to buy from a bait company that has the scientists, the latest laboratory equipment, 43 years of bait design experience and field staff all over the world whose job is to study fish and know what they eat and when they want to eat it.What does this mean for the angler? Well, it means Marukyu is constantly researching new products so that we can catch more carp. From years of working with field testers from all over the world and first hand experience in designing baits, Marukyu understands that carp eat different types of food at different times of the year according to what their body needs to stay fit, healthy, grow and spawn. Although all Marukyu boilies are made with ingredients and attractants that leak out into the surrounding water very quickly to attract carp, it never hurts to give them an added boost. Marukyu has three liquid additives for use as glugs or dips; Liquid Krill, a brilliant all year round additive but especially effective in cold water, plus Liquid Sanagi and Liquid Sanagi with Crayfish, both of which are superb from the springtime right through to the onset of winter. All of these liquids are PVA-friendly and can be very successfully used in stick mixes or PVA bags. It is also known that the activity of fry and surrounding fish will have a direct affect on the target carp. This should also be taken into consideration and means that you shouldn't use one type of bait all year, especially if you want consistent results and some big carp on the bank. CATCHING CARP CONSISTENTLY WITH MARUKYU BAITSMarukyu's Tim Hodges explains how the scientifically formulated ABR range of boilies and pop-ups will help you catch carp throughout the yearSPRING: As the water starts to warm up, small aquatic insects and new weed growth start to appear. Carp start to move around more so they need more energy-giving food to boost their need for protein, vitamins and minerals. Try Protein or Shisho boilies. SPAWNING: Around late April to June carp will be feeding on an abundance of natural food prior to spawning. At this time of year carp need lots of protein, vitamins and minerals so that they can survive the rigours of breeding. Try Sanagi or Protein.SUMMER: After spawning carp need to replenish their bodies and they'll really pig out on everything. The water is full of life, from almost invisible zooplankton, aquatic insects, various water shrimps, snails and fish fry - experience has told us that most quality baits rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals are a good bet. Try Nori, Kani or Sanagi.AUTUMN: As the water starts to cool down and the natural food sources start to become scarcer and the carp will need to feed to help see them through the winter. They won't be eating lots of weed so they get most of their food from protein rich aquatic creatures. Try Protein or Kani.WINTER: Winter is not a time of plenty. There is a dramatic shortage of natural food so carp become a lot less active to help conserve energy but if we get a mild spell and the water temperature creeps up to six degrees or above, then the carp will generally have a little snack to keep them ticking over. Try Ichigo or Shiso.Marukyu's scientifically designed line-up of boilies comes as close as possible to mimicking the carps natural diet. The range allows a varied and tactical approach to carp fishing for the entire year - using the same bait all the time is going to be a disadvantage.What bait? What time?Tim Hodges with a big carp that took ABR boiliesBOLIESABR 1010/1015/1020 PROTEINABR 1110/1115/1120 NORIABR 1215 KANIABR 1315 ICHIGOABR1415 SHISOPOP-UPSABRP 1115 NORIABRP 1315 ICHIGOABRP 1515 SANAGI036-37 Marukyu.indd 14/3/11 12:04:17 a hook size that is proportionate to the size of your bait and target fish. Wide gape hooks are generally best for paste fishing.When legering, wrap a ball of paste around a pellet for bonus fish (SDP 2210/2310/2410).Use pink AFP 300 paste on smaller waters, especially when targeting F1s. Always pick up paste with a wet hand.Use white AFP310 paste on bigger waters, especially when targeting carp.PELLETSFor best results, try soft pellets on a small hair rig. In match conditions, you can simply mould them around a hair-rigged hard pellet or boilie. Nori-flavoured pellets are great for all species including bream, barbel, and tench.Instructions and uses are on the package but here's a few ideas to get you startedTOP TIPSMARUKYU GROUNDBAITUse EFG 120 and 121 (both contain Nori) to target carp, bream and tench. Mix as instructed and then rest for five minutes. You don't need to riddle before using. Use EFG 100 and 101 to specifically target carp.Add one capful of Sanagi (a high-protein silkworm chrysalis) SFA 430 to your mixing water on hard-fished waters.EFG 130 and 131 contain Nori and are the ultimate all species and all temperature bait that also work in cold water. EFG 161 is the incredible commerical carp groundbait incorporating controlled break down speed. EFG 140 and 142 make the ultimate big carp method or stick mix. Add a small amount of liquid Crayfish and Sanagi SFA 420.This big carp fell to Marukyu boiliesAttractants in the EFG range act quicklyMarukyu uses exclusively- designed and produced ingredientsSFA 420CRAYFISH & SANAGI ADDITIVE .COATING CORN/HEMP .BIG-FISH SPECIAL/PVA-FRIENDLY .036-37 Marukyu.indd 24/3/11 12:04:42