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page 12 a hook size that is proportionate to the size of your bait and target fish. Wide gape hooks are generally best for paste fishing.When legering, wrap a ball of paste around a pellet for bonus fish (SDP 2210/2310/2410).Use pink AFP 300 paste on smaller waters, especially when targeting F1s. Always pick up paste with a wet hand.Use white AFP310 paste on bigger waters, especially when targeting carp.PELLETSFor best results, try soft pellets on a small hair rig. In match conditions, you can simply mould them around a hair-rigged hard pellet or boilie. Nori-flavoured pellets are great for all species including bream, barbel, and tench.Instructions and uses are on the package but here's a few ideas to get you startedTOP TIPSMARUKYU GROUNDBAITUse EFG 120 and 121 (both contain Nori) to target carp, bream and tench. Mix as instructed and then rest for five minutes. You don't need to riddle before using. Use EFG 100 and 101 to specifically target carp.Add one capful of Sanagi (a high-protein silkworm chrysalis) SFA 430 to your mixing water on hard-fished waters.EFG 130 and 131 contain Nori and are the ultimate all species and all temperature bait that also work in cold water. EFG 161 is the incredible commerical carp groundbait incorporating controlled break down speed. EFG 140 and 142 make the ultimate big carp method or stick mix. Add a small amount of liquid Crayfish and Sanagi SFA 420.This big carp fell to Marukyu boiliesAttractants in the EFG range act quicklyMarukyu uses exclusively- designed and produced ingredientsSFA 420CRAYFISH & SANAGI ADDITIVE .COATING CORN/HEMP .BIG-FISH SPECIAL/PVA-FRIENDLY .036-37 Marukyu.indd 24/3/11 12:04:42

38 WHAT GEAR 2011Powdered krill gives maggots that match-winning punchKRILLED coloured maggots.Top match angler and Wilkinson explains how it works. "As the maggots start to Marukyu SFA 400 Krill Additive and a few pints of your favourite commercial water expert Mick RILLEDmaggots was one of the deadliest secrets among commercial match fisherman in 2010, until Angling Times lifted the lid on this highly-effective method for commercial carp fishing in October last year. Accounting for hundreds of match wins and some truly amazing hauls, it's easy to prepare using thaw out after the freezing process, their soft bodies absorb the specially-designed powder and they smell of krill."They also become very soft and long and no species of fish can resist them - it's a magic method which has turned the maggot into a match-winning bait again."MICK WILKINSON'S TOP KRILLED MAGGOT TIPS? Don't freeze maggots in big bags. Use half-pint bags as they take too long to freeze in larger quantities. You can always re-freeze what you don't use on the bank.? Keep feeding regularly. Krilled maggots are a great attracter and during the spring, autumn and winter you can catch a lot of silvers on this method.? On a good day I'd expect to use three pints but I'd take four. The left-overs can be put back in the freezer.? This method works really well for the last couple of hours close in. My best catch has been over 100lb in an hour using this tactic when I'd caught just 40lb in the previous four hours.? Being so soft, you can fi t three or four on a size 16 hook without any problems. ? Krilled maggots are great for tipping off bigger baits like sweetcorn and they work just as well in a groundbait feeder.Marukyu krill is available in powder and liquid formPump your expander pellets with SFA410 liquid krill to turn a good bait into an awesome bait - 25% krill 75% waterKRILLING ZONEHOW TO MAKEKRILLED MAGGOTSThe base ingredients. And buy 5-6 pints of maggots without maizePut them in a plastic bag, twist the top and knot to remove airFridge them overnight to stretch maggots. They become very softAdd handful of krill powder to two pints of maggots in tub or bagFreeze for two days so maggots absorb krillWhen maggots are ready mix EFG131 groundbait as per guide on packetMix together maggots and groundbait 50:5038-39 Maryku.indd 24/3/11 12:06:50