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page 36 Conference+Meetings WorldApril 2011ASSOCIATION VIEWresources such as time. As a beneficiaryof an MPI Foundation grant I didn't haveto worry about the financial side.However, in terms of my time I receivedat least 10 times back. The value ofnetworking with industry peers alonewas invaluable; when put together withthe inspirational education programme itwas an insurmountable experience."Dalton said: "I was honoured as astudent member of the MPI UK andIreland Chapter to be able to attend theEMEC. On the final day, I participated inan experimental session known as theSolution Room. This was unbelievable. It allowed me the opportunity to havemy question answered by a wide rangeof people in the industry. It offered methe insight that there are actually thingsthat I have learned throughout mystudies which some people in theindustry do not know. My knowledge isof value to the industry. This sessionencouraged me to reflect on myeducation and what I have learnedwhich could help me to differentiatemyself in my career path. "I definitely returned from EMEC with agreater understanding and focus of thevariety of career paths within ourindustry. I now have the confidence andfocus to begin my career journey."The enthusiasm and knowledge gainedfrom attending EMEC by just two of theover 40 UK and Ireland attendees is afantastic sign for the future of the UKand Ireland Chapter. With regulareducation events, monthly MPI and apint nights and a variety of volunteeropportunities, it is clear that our chapterfocus is on shaping the future of theevent sector and the personal andprofessional future of our members.Now might be the time for you to askyourself: how focused are you? EMEC photos courtesy of MPI UK and Ireland Chapter

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