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For the very best venues in London, look no further than The Westminster Collection. It's your trusted port of call for locating exceptional venues in the heart of London's business community. From conferences and conventions to hotel accommodation, product launches and fashion shows, service excellence is a prerequisite and our members are ready to exceed your expectations with a world-class sense of MATTER THE EVENT, WESTMINSTER CAN COVER IT

he Westminster Collection recognises the importance and need for a unifi ed opening of its arms, to organisers of a myriad range of events, with the words, "we are here to help and provide you with the solutions you are looking for in this great metropolis of ours, the City of Westminster".We are being rewarded by their recognition of the 'one-stop-shop' service we offer, with ever-increasing enquiries through our website, attendances at our events and requests for our advice. They know that they can rely on our members' extraordinary experience, professionalism and ability to deal with their requirements, whatever these may be. We are also in the unique position of having the strong support of both Westminster City Council and London & Partners, who recognise our strengths in supporting business, jobs and vital income into the local economy, and who have supported our instructive Westminster Destination Guide for the event planner during the past two years. It's not for nothing either that we are specifi cally highlighted in Westminster's recently launched 'Manifesto for Business' as one of the key organisations sustaining vital business activity in its city. Both organisations, together with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, know that we are ready for business now, in 2012 and beyond.TINTRODUCTIONAfter seven years of organic development and passionate, collegiate involvement by its members, The Westminster Collection stands as a beacon of innovation and originality."The Westminster Collection has raised our profi le, provided good lead generation, a good referral system, and good market research." . September 2011 . 3René Dee, CEO The Westminster CollectionNigel Collett, Operations Director, One Wimpole Street