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page 28 13Grow your ownCLICK HERE to see all items featuredHow to Grow...It couldn't be easier! As the various varieties grow at different rates it's best to keep them in seperate rows or grow in different pots.Growing in the gardenCultivate an area of ground so that the soil has a fine tilth (texture) and is free from large clods. Incorporate fertiliser at about one handful per square yard. Make a shallow furrow about 1 inch deep and sprinkle seeds so that they fall with a density of 4 or 5 to the inch. Cover with soil and water well.Growing in potsFill with compost and mix in a handful of fertiliser. Sow seeds over the surface and water well.Then simply pick the leaves as needed once they start to appear. It's as easy as that!BUYItem: 300003Blood Fish & BoneReady to use organic fertilizerClub price £4.49Only £4.99BUYItem: 900104Corn Salad SeedsTender lettuce leavesClub price £1.40Only £1.55

14 www.GardenBargains.comAfter the cold greyness of winter there's nothing better to lift the spirits than the sight of the first spring flowers pushing up through the soil. The rest of the garden is largely still in winter mode and this allows the brilliant colours of daffodils, tulips and other spring favourites to shine.For the very best displays now is the perfect time to plan for spring so that you get the pick of the bulbs ready to set this autumn, the perfect time to plant.Think about where your garden will benefit most from the colour, as spring bulbs can be planted in a number of ways:n In beds and borders, either on their own or among herbaceous plants and shrubsn In patio pots and troughsn 'Naturalised' growing through lawns or grassy banksGrow your ownFor A Riot Of Colour In Spring!Plant Bulbs NowTo get started you will need:n A selection of bulbs Aim to plant in groups of about 10 bulbs as this will give impact.n A good quality 'Universal' compost when container planting, or use a special Bulb Fibre.n Fertiliser such as Blood Fish and Bone is ideal for bulbs.