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page 28 15We recommend these free flowering, easy to grow bulbs.n DAFFODILS (also known as Narcissus) Plant taller varieties in borders or in 'drifts' under trees. Miniature kinds are excellent in pots and troughs. Many daffodils have sweetly scented flowers.n TULIPS Try colourful tall tulips in small groups in sunny borders. Dwarf tulips, often with pretty mottled leaves look great in tubs and planters.BUYItem: 200247Dwarf Daffodils50 bulbs in mixed coloursClub price £7.19Only £7.99BUYItem: 200248Double-Flowered Compact Tulips25 bulbs in a mix of soft shadesClub price £8.99Only £9.99n HYACINTHS Plant in pots to bring indoors for Christmas or in groups in the garden. Hyacinths are some of the most fragrant of all flowers!n ALLIUMS These ornamental members of the onion family are very 'trendy' plants at the moment. Mainly coloured blue or cream, they range in form from huge globe shaped flowers on 4 foot stems to little 'drumsticks' just 6 inches tall.n SNOWDROPS, CROCUS and DWARF IRIS These little flowers are usually the first to emerge at the end of winter (or even before!). Essential in any garden and a real 'pick me up' in cold weather.

16 www.GardenBargains.comHow to plant...Bulbs will do best when planted into well drained fertile soil, and if possible a sunny position. Culivate the soil and sprinkle a handful of Blood Fish and Bone.Planting bulbs couldn't be easier. Aim to plant in small groups with the bulbs quite close together as this will give the most dramatic display. Allow a distance of about three bulb widths between each one. Planting depth depends on type of bulb but a reliable rule is to plant such that there is soil above each bulb equivalent to twice the bulb height. BUYItem: 20025115 Hyacinth BulbsSuper fragrant in mixed coloursClub price £8.99Only £9.99BUYItem: 200253Jumbo Crocus50 bulbs in mixed coloursClub price £7.19Only 7.99Grow your ownBUYItem: 300408Bulldog Hand TrowelIdeal for planting bulbsClub price £8.99Only £9.99