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GCopyright ANGLO NORDIC BURNER PRODUCTS LIMITED 201075Test Equipment & Consumables3502000Safegas Leak Detection Fluid26030032603004Brigon CO² & O² Indicator Fluid3011020Oil Tank Dryer26020082602007Brigon Smoke Tester Accessories- Used by many leading boiler manufacturers.- Atomised spray of fluid for accurate location of leaks.- Non toxic, non poisonous, non corrosive & non flammable.Stk Code Description3502000 Safegas spray & refill3502001 Safegas spray 250ml3502002 Safegas refill 500ml3502003 Safegas refill 25L-The tank dryer absorbs water out of diesel, petrol, biofuelsup toB100 & oil. When full absorbs 350ml.- Sits inside the tank, comes with cord & fixing clip.- Ideal for use in preventive maintenance programmes.- To be used in:Hydraulic tanks, above ground tanks, storage tanks,transfer tanks, saddle tanks (boats, motor). Stk Code Description3011020 Tank dryer absorbs 350ml- Ringlemann standard soot scale chart for checking smokereadings from the chimney/flue pipe.- Smoke filter papers, 10 sheets & 4 strips per sheet.- Silicon lubricating oil for greasing the smoke tester to ease the'pumping'action.Stk Code Description2602007 Soot scale chart2602008 Smoke filter papers (Pack of 40)2610225 Silicone lubricating oil- Fluids for use with the Brigon CO² & O² Indicators- Blue oxygen (O²) absorption fluid 70ml per bottle.- Red carbon dioxide (CO²) absorption fluid 70ml per bottle. - MSDS data sheets available on request.- Both fluids have a 12 month shelf life.Stk Code Description2603003 CO² fluid red (carton of 3 bottles)2603004 O² fluid blue (carton of 3 bottles)2603006 CO² fluid red (single bottle)2603005O² fluid blue (single bottle)Trade12.31Trade 10.447.855.04Trade24.8742.029.2915.00Trade8.506.252.75108.20Engineered Product

G76Copyright ANGLO NORDIC BURNER PRODUCTS LIMITED 2010Test Equipment & Consumables2406001240600324050032404002- Used for connecting pipework to the oil burner.- Oil line 'core'is manufactured with UNI 9362 nitrile rubber.- Braided in galvanised steel mesh to ANCC standards.- Temp. range -25°C to 90°C. Suitable for biofuel blends to B35.- Straight or 90 degree (90) fittings. Various lengths available.- 1/2" & 3/4" connections available to order.- Galvanised fittings mechanically crimped. 1 year warranty.Stk CodeDescription2404000 MEC1 1/4"F (90° elbow) x 3/8"F 900mm2404001 MEC 1/4"F (90° elbow) x 1/4"F 900mm2404002 Mectron 1/4"M (90° elbow) x 3/8"F 900mm2404003 1/4"F (90° elbow) x 1/4"M 500mm2404004 1/4"F (90° elbow) x 1/4"M 700mm2404006 1/4"F (90° elbow) x 1/4"M 900mm2404008 1/4"F (90° elbow) x 1/4"M 1000mm2404005 1/4"M (90° elbow) x 1/4"F 900mm2404007 1/4"M (90° elbow) x 1/4"F 700mm2405000 1/4"F x 1/4"F 300mm2405001 1/4"F x 1/4"F 500mm2405002 1/4"F x 1/4"F 600mm2405003 1/4"F x 1/4"F 750mm2405004 1/4"F x 1/4"F 1000mm2406000 1/4"M x 1/4"F 300mm2406001 1/4"M x 1/4"F 500mm2406002 1/4"M x 1/4"F 600mm2406003 1/4"M x 1/4"F 750mm2406004 1/4"M x 1/4"F 1000mm2407001 1/4"M x 3/8"F 500mm2407002 1/4"M x 3/8"F 600mm2407003 1/4"M x 3/8"F 750mm2407004 1/4"M x 3/8"F 1000mmBraided Flexible Oil LinesFlexible Oil Line Fittings/Adaptors240706124070622407060- High quality fittings manufactured in accordance to internationalthread tolerances & with electro plated finish.- Parallel thread-BSPor taper thread-BSP(T).- M is a male adaptor & F is a female adaptor.- Fittings suitable for braided, rubber or the thermoplastic lines.- Other fittings available on request.Stk Code Description2407060 1/4"M BSPx 1/4"M BSP(T)2407072 1/4"M BSPx 1/4"M BSP2407061 1/4"M BSPx 3/8"M BSP2407069 1/4"M BSP(T) x 3/8"M BSP2407062 3/8"M BSPx 3/8"M BSP(T)2407071 3/8"M BSP(T) x 3/8"M BSP(T)2407064 3/8"M BSPx 1/2"M BSP2407065 1/4"M BSPx 1/4"F BSP90° elbow2407215 1/8"M BSPx 1/8"M BSP(T)Trade1.