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WelcomeCopyright ANGLO NORDIC BURNER PRODUCTS LIMITED 20109Welcome To Your New October 2010 Trade Catalogue Why Buy From Anglo Nordic ?Returns PolicyWe can't promise not to make a mistake,however we will correcterrors quickly.Phone or fax for your returns number, please mark this on all paperwork.Goods to be returned carriage paid by sender. If we arrange collection, you will be charged.Goods returned in 'as new'condition after 14 days will be subject to a 25% restocking charge.Goods specifically ordered for you cannot be returned.Faulty goods returned will either be repaired and returned, replaced or credited at our discretion.If spare parts or a replacement need to be despatched before we receive the faulty itemback, you will be invoiced. We do not cover any labour costs incurred in repairing or replacing faulty items.For our full warranty terms and conditions please see pages 109 - 111.Noacross the board price increase has been applied.identifies new products.identifies products that are suitable for use with biofuels up to B35.Minimum order charge of £25.Orders received by 2.30pmare despatched the same day where can download sales & technical literature from our website.(Excludes goods despatched on a pallet)We offer next day delivery as standard.We have over 50 years experience.We have a website that shows trade prices only.We pass all UK website enquiries back to our distributors.(UK mainland only, excluding Highlands & Ireland)

Logos,Abbreviations & Reference Data10Copyright ANGLO NORDIC BURNER PRODUCTS LIMITED 2010Catalogue Logos & Abbreviations Reference Data= Anew product addedto our range= Pumping speed - flowrate in litres per minute= The product is also suitable for use withbiofuels refined to B35EN14213 standardL/minkg= Weight in kilograms= Pumping speed - flowrate in litres per hourL/hr= Pressure in poundsper square inchpsiMax.= MaximumAmp= AmperekW= KilowattBTU= British Thermal UnitsMan.= ManualPOA= Prices on applicationAuto.= AutomaticF= FemaleM= MaleLengthMetric to ImperialImperial to Metric1 millimetre=0.0394 inch1 inch=25.4 millimetres1 centimetre=0.3937 inch1 foot=30.48 centimetre1 metre=1.0936 yards1 yard=0.9144 metres1 kilometre=0.6214 miles1 mile=1.6093 kilometresCapacityOthers to ImperialImperial to Others1 litre=0.22 gallons1 pint=0.5683 litres1 litre=1.76 pints1 gallon=4.5461 litres1 US gallon=0.833 Imperial gallon1 Imperial gallon=1.2 US gallonsWeightMetric to ImperialImperial to Metric1 gram=0.0353 ounces1 ounce =28.35 grams1 kilogram=2.2046 pounds1 pound=0.4536 kilograms3.16 kilograms=1 US gallon (Diesel)1 ton=1.016 tonnes1 tonne=0.9842 ton1 US gallon (Diesel)=3.16 kilogramsPipe Size EquivalentsEuropean to UK sizesUK to European sizes8 millimetres=5/16 inch approxapprox5/16 inch=8 millimetres approx10 millimetres=3/8 inch approxapprox3/8 inch=10 millimetres approx15 millimetres=1/2 inch approxapprox1/2 inch=15 millimetres approx22 millimetres=3/4 inch approxapprox3/4 inch=22 millimetres approx28 millimetres=1 inch approxapprox1 inch=28 millimetres approxPressure1 atmosphere=14.7 psi1 bar =0.987 atmospheres1 psi=0.069 bar1 bar =14.50 psi1 inch water gauge=25mm water gauge25mm water gauge=1 inch water gauge1 inch water gauge=2.5 millibar water gauge2.5 millibar water gauge=1 inch water gauge1 millibar=0.4 inch water guage0.4 inch water guage=1 millibarOther Useful Information & ''Rules ofThumb'1 Kilowatt=3,413 BTU (British Thermal Units30 Kilowatt of heat=1 US Gallon of oil burnt1 US gallon of oil burnt=100,000 British Thermal UnitsThese conversions are for guidance only E.O.E.