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Sat Nav Ref: SW11 3RPHotel Verta, London's Vertical Gateway,Bridges Wharf, Battersea, London SW11 3BETel: 020 7801 3500 Fax: 020 7801 3501Email: WEDDINGAT HOTEL VERTAWelcome to a timeless combinationof old-world glamour andclassic modernity situated atLondon's Vertical Gateway:The London Heliport, Battersea.Everything at Hotel Verta, fromthe impressive architecture totimeless d├ęcor, is here toensure your wedding exceedsevery expectation. The restaurant,bar, spa and business facilities are unsurpassed. The service levelsare on another level. And theThames views are simply superb.

Travel FastFacts It's time for some quick FAST FACTS about the top destination around the globe Did you know that around 90% indicate "Brand Loyalty" to LGBT Friendly companies? Over 88% are more likely to support companies that sponsor LGBT events and fundraisers. On average the projected spend for the US alone is over $78 BillionTop USA travel destinations 1. New York 2. San Francisco3. Las Vegas 4. Chicago5. Los Angeles6. Washington DC7. Fort Lauderdale8. San Diego 9. Orlando and Seattle10. Boston Top business travel destinations within the USA 1. Chicago2. New York3. Washington, DC4. San Francisco5. Los AngelesTop European travel destinations 1. UK2. France3. Italy4. Spain5. Germany6. Netherlands7. Ireland8. Greece9. Switzerland10. Austria Top business travel destinations within Europe1. London2. Paris3. Rome4. Barcelona5. DublinNEW YORK NEW YORKLONDON PARIS PARISNEW YORK NEW YORKLONDON LONDONPARIS PARISNEW YORK NEW YORKLONDON LONDON