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CommitmentDedication PassionWhat is the PinkApproved endorsement Unlike passive listing websites and gay-friendly schemes, PinkApproved works with hotels, venues, vendors and suppliers to actively demonstrate their commitment to the LGBT community across the globe. Partners and properties are carefully chosen to ensure they meet the quality standards our community deserve and share the ethos that drives true equality regardless of sexual orientation.Why is there a need Even in today's society there is discrimination within the hospitality market. Legislation may be in place to protect LGBT people from such discrimination; discrimination is still experienced daily. We often receive feedback from people, groups and businesses that they have either felt uncomfortable or worse treated very differently from others. There are a number of list-and-forget services that mix organizations that truly care about equality with those that simply wish to tap into the LGBT disposable income.What are the selection criteria Over and above the expected criteria for any business or venue such as professionalism, stability and service, we have to be assured LGBT individuals, couples, families and groups are treated with respect and consistency.What's behind the scenes PinkApproved has built the world's first and dedicated hotel, venue, vendor and supplier wiki. The PinkApproved WIKIT provides the opportunity to highlight and demonstrate your organization's LGBT commitment and service. Using our procurement partner, Helmsbriscoe, means we can easily and effectively match LGBT groups and event planners to supporting properties at no cost to our clients.Is this a startup No. PinkApproved was started back in 2001 by Pink WeddingsT in the UK for couples looking for venues and reception sites for their same-sex commitment ceremonies. Today it has built on its success into a world-wide program reaching out beyond weddings to other LGBT events and opportunities.How do I find out moreVisit or email or call +1 480.389.1157 (USA) or +44 207 123 6277 (UK).Commitment - to promoting and supporting the communityDedication - to equality and service for the communityPassion - for quality and diversity throughout the organizationProgram FastFacts