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Marketing FastFactsObjective PinkApproved's objective is to be the demonstrable elite recommendation service for LGBT families, groups and businesses looking for quality inclusive venues, hotels and vendors when booking a ceremony, celebration or key event.Market Insight There is a growing disquiet within the LGBT community of businesses simply tapping into the so called Pink Income. Trust is fast dropping within our community for self-appointed associations and list-and-forget so called gay-friendly directories. Strategy and message Pink WeddingsT is already a market leader and trusted social enterprise within the gay community. This provides a strong base from which to extend further into geographic regions and wider into more key events within the LGBT community internationally. Directory and link exchange sites suffer from quality, accuracy and relevancy issues for users. The success of the PinkApprovedT Program for partners has stemmed from the strategy that it's "not a list-and-forget directory service". The success of the PinkApprovedT Program for gay individuals, families and group organizers has stemmed from the quality of partners and appropriateness of recommendation. These form the messaging foundation for our brand communication strategy.Central Messageinclusivity without compromiseTChannels and media Over 96.7% of gay and lesbian individuals and families are online. The LGBT community has pioneered and been early adopters of online technologies and e-consumer behavior. Therefore the focus will be online media, social viral and word-of-mouth recommendation with event sponsorship and traditional advertising in reputable and stable LGBT publications.Campaigns and materials Our philosophy is to treat our audiences with respect and in a non-patronizing way. Therefore, our messages and imagery is non-camp and intriguing.Celebrating True Equality - e-newsletter delivered directly to subscriber base.Online banners and buttons - sprinkled across reputable online properties.Print and poster - placed in reputable publications, outside locations and events.Social media - active social media management and campaign associated activity.How do I find out more Visit or email or call +1 480.389.1157 (USA) or +44 207 123 6277 (UK).Showingyour truecommitmentjust becamea breezejoin PinkApproved the rstwiki-powered active promotionprogram for the LGBT communityif you really want to show gay couples, their familiesand LGBT event organizershow inclusive your propertyand brand is...visit www.pinkapproved.comand show our community youreally value our businessTMSick of companies and event bookerstapping into the LGBT communityif you're an event organizerlooking for a gay inclusivehotel, venue or desitinationthat truly values ourcommunity and not justthe pink dollar or fast buckask us and we'll tell you likeit is and why you can trustour PinkApproved partnerswho truely demonstrateequality likevisit

join PinkApprovedwiki-powered active promotionprogram for the LGBT communityif you really want to show gay couples, their familiesand LGBT event organizershow inclusive your propertyvisit and show our community youreally value our businessTM