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10 AccessoriesCodeDescriptionQty Per PackHOLElasticated Holster - 15x64cm1CodeDescriptionQty Per PackSWSports Wrap & Handle1SWRSports Wrap Refill2We have a range of accessories designed to help assist with the recovery from injury and recommend that when using a Hot & Cold Packs that you use a cover to prevent the chances of heat or freeze burn due to the greater temperature achieved by these packs. The Elasticated Holster works similar to a cover but has a velcro strap which helps keep the pack on the problem area. The Sports Wrap is very popular with sports physiotherapists as it enables an ice pack to be secured to the injured area to help speed up recovery time.CodeDescriptionQty Per PackCOVSHot & Cold Pack Cover - 14x15cm1COVMHot & Cold Pack Cover - 13x30cm1Koolpak Elasticated Holster. A purpose made pouch, which is ideal for combining cold therapy with compression. Ease swelling and improve recovery times. Pouch attaches around limb with velcro fastening to help keep pack on injury. Soft, comfortable fabric backing for maximum user comfort. Can be used with either a cold or hot packKoolpak Hot & Cold Pack Cover. Recommended whenever applying hot or cold packs directly to the skin. Prevents any cross contamination from reusable hot and cold therapy packs. Reduces risk of heat or freeze burns. Comes in 2 sizes to fit small and medium sized hot or cold packsKoolpak Sports Wrap. Helps to attach ice packs to soft tissue injuries. Aids accelerated recovery from injury. Easy to apply - film sticks to itself. Can be used on any part of the bodyTel: 01256 853013 Fax: 01256 357973 www.hampshirefa.comRRP: £0.78£0.42RRP: £11.98£7.32RRP: £0.59£0.30Refill RRP: £12.29£7.92RRP: £2.52£0.78

11 Sports First Aid KitsKoolpak offer a comprehensive range of sports first aid kits designed to cater for any team sport. Our kits contain all the essential items required to treat minor injuries on the field of play and come supplied in quality waterproof medical bags. Our Handy First Aid Kit is designed for personal use and fits perfectly into a sports bag. Our Multipurpose First Aid Kit is generously stocked and is supplied in a medical bag which has specially designed compartments to keep essential items on hand. Our Team First Aid Kit has been approved by several County Associations and the Football Association First Aid Kit has all the first aid items that are recommended by the Football Association. The Astroturf First Aid Kit includes products used to treat burns caused by playing on artificial surfaces and the Hot & Cold Therapy Kit has been specially designed for the continuous treatment of an injury at home and comes in a handy sized grab bag.CodeDescriptionQty Per PackKFAFootball Association Recommended First Aid Kit1KFARFootball Association Recommended First Aid Kit Refill1Contents:TeamFAAlcohol Free Cleansing Wipes1010Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m1Cotton Wool Roll 15gm1Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5m22Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m1Crepe Bandage 10cm x 4.5m2Crepe Bandage 15cm x 4.5m2Eyewash Bottle 500ml2Eyewash Pods 20ml2First Aid Guidance Leaflet1Foil Blanket11Gauze Swabs55Hand Gel 50ml1Latex Gloves (1 pair)1Low Adherent Dressing 10 x 10cm1Low Adherent Dressing 5 x 5cm1Microporous Dressing Tape 1.25 x 5m1Nitrile Gloves Large (1 pair)4Reususcitation Face Shield11Safety Pins6Scissors1Self Seal Waste Bags22Sport Instant Ice Pack12Spray Bottle11Sterile Dressing large16Sterile Dressing Medium12Sterile Eye Pad12Touchline Bag11Triangular Bandage24Tufcut Scissors1Washproof Plasters2020Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5 x 5m11Zinc Oxide Tape 5 x 5m1CodeDescriptionQty Per PackKFTeam First Aid Kit1KFRTeam First Aid Kit Refill1Koolpak Team First Aid Kit. This first aid kit is ideal for any sports club playing at any level. The bag comes complete with all first aid contents needed to treat minor injuries on the field of play, which makes it ideal for any sports club. Approved by several County Associations. Supplied in a quality waterproof touchline bag which has ample space to carry all your medical suppliesKoolpak Football Association Recommended First Aid Kit. This kit has all the first aid items recommended by the Football Association. The first aid kit is ideal for any football club playing at any level. The contents include all the essential items needed by a first aider to treat an injury on the field of play. Supplied in a quality waterproof touchline bag which has ample space to carry all your medical suppliesRRP: £44.28£35.99Refill RRP: £33.67£20.39RRP: £67.19£53.99Refill RRP: £54.00£40.79NEWTel: 01256 853013 Fax: 01256 357973