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15FIRST AIDKoolpak BSI-8599-1 Compliant Workplace First Aid Kits. Fully compliant with the new British Standards Institute (BSI) BS-8599-1 standard for the contents of workplace first aid kits. The clearest and simplest way for employees to ensure adequate workplace first aid provisions and meet obligations. Green box with white cross and clear 'First Aid' marking for ease of identification. Supplied in durable moulded cases with hinged lids, wall mounting brackets and clear contents listingsBSI-8599-1 Compliant Workplace First Aid Kits should be selected using the table below as a guideLevel of RiskNo. of EmployeesQuantity & Size of KitLower Risk i.e.Shops & Offices, Libraries etc.Less than 2525 - 100More than 1001 x Small Kit1 x Medium Kit1 x Large Kit per 100 employeesHigh Risk i.e.Engineering, assembly, food processing, warehousing, construction, chemicals etc.Less than 55 - 25More than 251 x Small Kit1 x Medium Kit1 x Large Kit per 25 employeesProduct Description:SmallMediumLargeAdhesive Tape111Conforming Bandage122Contents List111Eye Pad Sterile Dressings234Finger Sterile Dressings234Foil Blanket123Guidance Leaflet111Hydrogel Burn Dressings122Large Sterile Dressings122Medium Sterile Dressings468Nitrile Disposable Gloves (Pairs)6912Resuscitation Face Shield112Safety Pins61236Shears111Sterile Adhesive Dressings (Plasters)4060100Sterile Cleansing Wipes203040Triangular Bandages234CodeDescriptionQty Per PackBSI01British Standard Workplace Kit Small1BSI02British Standard Workplace Kit Medium1BSI03British Standard Workplace Kit Large1BSI01RBritish Standard Workplace Kit Small Refill1BSI02RBritish Standard Workplace Kit Medium Refill1BSI03RBritish Standard Workplace Kit Large Refill1NEWRRP: £35.94£29.68Refill RRP: £33.00£30.16SmallMediumLargeRRP: £23.94£19.45Refill RRP: £22.20£19.03RRP: £47.94£34.88Refill RRP: £43.80£37.31Koolpak offer a comprehensive range of First Aid and Health and Safety products which comply with BSI and HSE first aid guidelines. Our products are of high quality with many being manufactured in the same factories as other well known brands. Our extensive range includes the new BSI Compliant Workplace First Aid Kits, Sterile Assorted Plasters, Vinyl Gloves and Sterile Eyewash and they are available at very competitive prices.Tel: 01256 853013 Fax: 01256 357973

CodeDescriptionQty Per PackRRPPrice EachHSEK01Standard HSE 1-10 Person First Aid Kit1£22.74£17.99HSEK02Standard HSE 11-20 Person First Aid Kit1£40.74£23.99HSEK03Standard HSE 21-50 Person First Aid Kit1£54.36£33.59HSEK4R1-10 Person First Aid Kit Refill1£19.74£12.00HSEK5R11-20 Person First Aid Kit Refill1£32.58£17.40HSEK6R21-50 Person First Aid Kit Refill1£40.74£23.4016First AidKoolpak Sterile Dressings. Soft, highly absorbent wound pad cushions the wound area and protects against possible infection. Strong, elasticated bandages secure dressing in place. Sterile wrapped in burst resistant packaging. Small dressings are ideal for dressingfingers and feature a non-stretch, open weave bandage. Available in 4 different sizesProduct Description:HSE Compliant Standard1-10HSE Compliant Standard11-20HSE Compliant Standard21-50Guidance Leaflet111Washproof Plasters204060Eye Pads with Bandage246Triangular Bandages468Safety Pins61212Sterile Dressings (asstd. sizes)81216Moist Wipes61020Disposable Gloves (pair)123Koolpak HSE First Aid Kits. Kits contain first aid items in accordance with HSE first aid guidelines. Ideal for use for small or multi site businesses. Supplied in durable moulded cases with hinged lids and wall mounting brackets. Kits contain all the contents required to treat minor injuries. Complete refills are also available separatelyKoolpak Assorted Sterile PlastersWashproof. High resistance to water and other liquids. Latex free adhesive minimises risk of allergic reactions. Available in a variety of sizesFabric. Ideal for heavy duty applications. Superior levels of stretch and grip. Each plaster individually wrappedBlue Detectable. Sterile & ideal for food preparation environments. Visually and metal detectable. Latex free adhesiveCodeDescriptionQty Per PackRRPPrice EachPLP4Assorted Sterile Washproof Plasters100£8.34£2.88PLP5Assorted Sterile Fabric Plasters100£8.34£3.48PLP6Assorted Sterile Blue Detectable Plasters100£8.94£3.60CodeDescriptionQty Per PackRRPPrice EachFS07/12Small Sterile Dressing - 4.5x5cm12£10.74£4.56FS08/12Medium Sterile Dressing - 12x12cm12£12.18£7.56FS09/12Large Sterile Dressing - 18x18cm12£13.68£11.04FS10/12X Large Sterile Dressing - 28x18cm12£17.76£14.39Tel: 01256 853013 Fax: 01256 357973