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3®The UK's Leading Supplier of First Aid and Sport Injury ProductsInstant Ice Packs 4-5Instant Hot Packs 6Reusable Hot & Cold Packs 7Freeze Sprays 8Elasticated Adhesive Bandages 8Zinc Oxide Tapes 8Elasticated Cold Bandages 9Accessories 10Sports First Aid Kits 11-13Medical Bags 14First Aid 15-17CONTENTSBEST SELLERSTel: 01256 853013 Fax: 01256 357973

4INSTANT ICE PACKSKoolpak Sport. Ideal for use on all soft tissue injuries. Pack gets colder and last longer than a standard ice pack. Fits easily into any kit bag or first aid kit. Great alternative to ice from the freezer . Pack can remain cold for up to an hour at room temperatureSport Wrap is perfect for use with this productSee page 10Kool Kids. Ideal for treating soft tissue injuries on children. Extremely popular in schools. Compact size is ideal to keep in a hand bag or first aid kit. Quickly relieves pain and swelling and is ideal for soothing headaches. Pack can remain cold for around 20 mins at room temperatureInstant Ice Packs are now seen as an essential item in any first aid kit and because of their multipurpose use they are perfect for treating soft tissue injuries, burns and general bumps and bruises. The Original Ice Pack is perfect for wrapping around the injured area due to its longer packsize. The Sport Ice Pack can help speed up recovery time due to the lower temperature that the pack can achieve. The Kool Kids Ice Pack has been designed for smaller limbs and they are one of the only first aid items that are recommended for use in schools. RRP: £1.30RRP: £2.16£0.72£1.20Buy in BulkCase of 40 ONLY £40 £1.00PERPACKBuy in BulkCase of 80 ONLY £50.40 £0.63PERPACKCodeDescriptionQty Per PackKIDKool Kids Instant Ice Pack - 15x15cm - 120gm1KID80Kool Kids Instant Ice Pack - 15x15cm - 120gm80CodeDescriptionQty Per PackSPSport Instant Ice Pack - 15x23cm - 300gm1SP40Sport Instant Ice Pack - 15x23cm - 300gm40Tel: 01256 853013 Fax: 01256 357973