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5INSTANT ICE PACKS1Easy to use:23BEST SELLERKoolpak Original. Single use disposable pack provides instant pain relief. Long bag size is ideal for wrapping around the problem area. Will not cause freeze burns and can be applied directly to the skin. Minimal risk of cross infection. Pack can remain cold for up to 40 mins at room temperature.Squeeze inner sachet until it bursts.Shake vigorously until ice cold.Apply to injured areaRRP: £1.73£1.02Buy in BulkCase of 60 ONLY £52.80 £0.88PERPACKCodeDescriptionQty Per PackICEOriginal Instant Ice Pack - 12x29cm - 200gm1ICE60Original Instant Ice Pack - 12x29cm - 200gm60Tel: 01256 853013 Fax: 01256 357973

6 Instant Heat PacksKoolpak Reusable Instant Hot Packs. These multipurpose packs can be used for a wide range of applications. Can be used to relieve pain and assist in treating sore muscles. Reusable pack makes them very cost effective . Packs can remain hot for over an hour at room temperatureKoolpak Instant Hot Pack. Can be used to relieve pain and assist in treating sore muscles. Ideal for applications such as neck pain, arthritis, back injuries and shoulder injuries. Compact size makes these packs ideal to take anywhere. Pack remains hot for around 40 mins at room temperatureCodeDescriptionQty Per PackHOTInstant Hot Pack - 15x23cm - 210gm1CodeDescriptionQty Per PackHPSReusable Hot & Cold Pack - 14x14cm - 230gm1HPMReusable Hot & Cold Pack - 17x29cm - 350gm1HPLReusable Hot & Cold Pack - 17x41cm - 510gm1These multi functional packs can be used for a range of different applications. As well as relieving pain and assisting to treat sore muscles, they can assist with keeping food and the body warm.We recommend that a cover or holster is used with these products See page 10RRP: £10.98£4.80RRP: £2.16£1.32RRP: £5.82£2.40RRP: £9.00£3.48Tel: 01256 853013 Fax: 01256 357973