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17INNOVATIONSCLUTCH COLLAR/COUNTERThe ASICS International Research and Development Team strive to invent ways of making cutting edge improvements to conventional shoe construction.Such innovative thinking and ongoing research has brought us to our latest advancement: ASICS CLUTCH COLLAR SYSTEM and the ASICS CLUTCH COUNTER SYSTEM: the best fitting and most comfortable heel environment we've ever produced.Traditionally, heel counters have been internally placed pieces of thermoplastic integrated with the midsole of a shoe and then encased in foam. This is an effective way to provide good shape and stability. However, given the great degree of variation within any given population, the heel counter has always had one significant limitation; it has not been able to independently adapt itself to the individual heel shape of each different consumer.To create a new customised heel fitting environment, something that would reduce the potential for foot irritation by minimising heel slip during toe off and therefore increased performance, ASICS designers completely removed the internal heel counter and replaced it with either a Clutch Collar or Clutch Counter system.The Clutch Collar is an inner fit sleeve made entirely of memory foam. This free floating sleeve literally wraps itself around the heel on both sides for a super snug fit. To ensure that the inner fit sleeve remains locked around the heel, the forward portion of the sleeve is attached to the first eyelet, forming a direct fit relationship with the lacing system. That is, if the laces are tightened - so too is the Clutch Collar. To finish it off an externally placed heel counter was added which makes the shoe supportive without restricting the natural foot motion.The Clutch Counter feature removes the traditional internal componentry and replaces it with an exoskeletal heel counter. The Clutch Counter System provides a more comfortable, heel fitting environment while decreasing potential for friction or irritation.

18USE THIS GUIDE TO HELP SELECT THE ASICS RUNNING SHOE THAT BEST SUITS YOU.An underpronator may be subject to increased shock transmission through the lower limb.* This chart is intended as a guide for runners who are aware of their personal running gait characteristics. If you're in doubt, we recommend you consult a practitioner qualified to assess your running gait. A neutral runner has no or few biomechanical problems.NEUTRALThe overpronator may have issues relating to the timing of muscle firing, and prolonged rotation of the leg to the foot.OVER PRONATORThe severe overpronator has poor shock attenuation and severely disrupted foot function and may be at risk of injury.UNDER PRONATORSEVERE OVER PRONATORHIGH ARCHMEDIUM ARCHNORMAL ARCHSPLAYED FEETFLAT FOOTGEL-3000 SERIES Structured Cushioning Suitable for the midfoot pronator/forefoot pronator and those with 'splayed' feet.GEL-KAYANO Structured Cushioning Suitable for most foot types and running styles. Yields the very best blend of ASICS technology.GEL-EVOLUTION Maximum Support Suitable for the heavy pronator who requires the Ultimate in support and motion control.GT-2000 SERIES Structured Cushioning Suitable for the vast majority of runners who have a tendency to overpronate.GEL-NIMBUS Highly Cushioned Suitable for the under pronating to neutral athlete