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20339g285gThe new GEL-Kayano 18 stays true to its legendary lineage, improving upon its famous ride with technically advanced features in two new exciting stories for 2012: A new faster, lighter upper construction and a newly designed Dynamic DuoMax for improved platform comfort.GEL-KAYANO 18RUNNING (STRUCTURED CUSHIONING)KEY FEATURESUpper. Clutch Counter for improved fit,. Asymmetrical Lacing System with Discrete Eyestay technology for enhanced fit.. Dual PHF system in the rearfoot for a more customised fit.. Ortholite sockliner gives even more cushioning and comfort to the wearer.MIDSOLE. Dynamic Duomax for a smoother, supportive ride.. Large rearfoot visible GEL with 'shear deformation' grooving to reduce impact from ground reaction forces.. Forefoot GEL with twist environment under the 1st metatarsal.. Gender Specific Cushioning in the forefoot for women to give added comfort for the lower body mass female wearer.OUTSOLE. AHAR+ in the rearfoot pods for added durability.. AHAR Ride+ blown rubber forefoot for increased cushioning and smoother ride.. New full length Guidance Line in for added efficiency through gait.CUSTOMER PROFILE / WHO IS IT FOR?The new GEL-Kayano 18 will feature the latest evolution in structured cushioning support from ASICS, introduced in new Dynamic DuoMax technology. Fans of the GEL-Kayano series will enjoy the same level of support provided by the original DuoMax but will rejoice at the now smoother, more comfortable ride provided by this technical update. This evolution of DuoMax recognizes that each IGS component works best when it can function with the foot, demonstrated by its new dynamic, multi-ridged shape and lowered position below the topline. This new feature eliminates the feeling of the DuoMax structure against the foot and makes room for the technical addition of Soft Top DuoMax, enhancing platform comfort with gender-specific densities (a firmer 53 degree Solyte layer for men and a softer 48 degree Solyte for women). Because the amount of heavier midsole material is reduced, new Dynamic DuoMax also contributes a significant weight savings over its predecessor.Also new to the GEL-Kayano series is the introduction of the Clutch Counter System. This feature removes the traditional internal componentry and replaces it with an exoskeletal heel counter. The Clutch Counter System provides a more comfortable, heel fitting environment while decreasing potential for friction or irritation. NEW CCS ANTI-GRAVEL TONGUE ICEWALK ARCH SUSTAIN AHAR AMFIT WIDTH CUSHIONING VENTILATION OTHER LIGHTWEIGHT STABILITY DURABILITY FITDiscreet Eyestay LacingPersonal Heel Fit SystemHeel Clutching System3MComfordrySolyte 55/45GEL FrontSoft Top DuoMax (W)Dual Density Midsole+3 Midsole (W)GEL RearAHARGuidance LineAsymmetrical Lacing DesignBiomorphic FitSolyteSpace TrussticGender TrussticGender Specific CushioningAHAR Ride +

21RUNNING (STRUCTURED CUSHIONING)GEL-3030 CCS ANTI-GRAVEL TONGUE ICEWALK ARCH SUSTAIN AHAR AMFIT WIDTH CUSHIONING VENTILATION OTHER LIGHTWEIGHT STABILITY DURABILITY FITA favourite amongst health professionals, the philosophy behind the 3000 series is quite unique. The concept for the GEL-3030 also focuses on improvements to upper fit, comfort and performance. KEY FEATURESUpper. A softer synthetic 'bunion window' located on the medial side improves upper fit and enhances comfort.. Discrete Eyestay Lacing evens out lacing tension across the surface of the foot. Dual PHF in the heel collar further customises upper fit MIDSOLE. 2E Width for men's and D width for women's. Gender Space Trusstic accommodates for the anatomical and physiological differences in arch function between men and women.. An improved Dynamic Forefoot Cradle coupled with DuoMax provides a high level of medial guidance and support. Full Solyte midsole with large visible rearfoot and forefoot GEL units.OUTSOLE. AHAR outsole in rearfoot and AHAR Ride + in forefoot provides a high level of durability coupled with cushionCUSTOMER PROFILE / WHO IS IT FOR?A favourite amongst health professionals, the philosophy behind the 3000 series is quite unique. It has been developed to focus on both pronation during the early stages of gait, from heel strike to mid stance, but also targets late stage pronation, when the heel lifts off the ground and the foot prepares itself for propulsion. Such an advanced level of support has been achieved through the utilisation of medially placed DuoMax, to slow the rate and degree of pronation following heel strike, coupled with an improved Dynamic Forefoot Cradle designed to give proprioceptive feedback. This device encourages proper windlass mechanics by prompting the foot to re-supinate in the later stages of gait. The concept for the GEL 3030 also focuses on improvements to upper fit, comfort and performance. The Discreet Eyestay Lacing system, when coupled with Biomorphic Fit, allows the upper to adapt more efficiently to the foot. The inclusion of Dual PHF in the heel collar and a soft synthetic bunion window in the medial forefoot allows for a more customised fit for the wearer thereby reducing the risk of irritation. Whilst the GEL 3030 is the go to shoe for the late stage pronator, this set up is an excellent product solution for anyone who needs a bit more support from their running shoe.AVAILABLE WIDTHS2ED324g272gBUNIONWINDOWDiscreet Eyestay Lacing3MPersonal Heel Fit SystemComfordryStability CradleGEL RearDual Density MidsoleAHARBiomorphic FitSolyte 55/45GEL FrontSolyteGender TrussticAHAR Ride+