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IN 1949, KIHACHIRO ONITSUKA CREATED THE FIRST ASICS SHOE IN HIS LIVING ROOM IN KOBE JAPAN, UNDER THE ONITSUKA TIGER NAME.Since then, ASICS has prided itself on building the finest high performance products for the serious athlete. In 1977, the Onitsuka Co. Ltd. (Tiger as it was better known) became ASICS. The name, an acronym, derives from 'Anima Sana In Corpore Sano' a Latin phrase expressing the ancient ideal of 'A sound mind in a sound body'. This concept is central to our role as a manufacturer of sporting goods and researcher in the field of sports and fitness.We continue to grow stronger as a global brand, and strengthen our leadership position in quality athletic footwear, apparel, accessories, and customer service. We want to thank our retail accounts who have had the vision to grow in partnership with us. To nurture, foster and grow their ASICS business in order to provide ultimate, satisfying and superior product solutions for their and our loyal consumers. We look forward to continuing our strong relationships with both retailers and consumers for a prosperous 2012 and beyond.

3CATEGORY DESCRIPTIONSWelcome to the ASICS TECHNICAL PROFILE catalogue for Jan - June 2012. This publication serves to inform retailers, medical professionals and consumers about the exciting ASICS range for the coming season. Selecting the correct product solution for the wearer can make all the difference. In this edition you will find our product objectives, consumer profiles, significant design features and technology updates. Athletes have different needs and require different shoes that better suit their style or technique. We have sub categories for both our walking shoe and running shoe ranges.INTRODUCTIONWALKINGFITNESSFA category of walking shoes with a high level of technology and an emphasis on cushioning, stability and performance for the serious fitness walker.HEALTHHA category of walking shoes specifically developed for people with Diabetes that recognises Diabetes New Zealand footwear criteria.COMFORTCA category of walking shoes with a high level of technology for superior comfort for the walker on their feet all day long.TRAILTA category of walking shoes with a high level of technology for superior comfort, cushioning and safety for the outdoor enthusiast.RUNNINGSTRUCTURED CUSHIONINGSA category of shoes with a well balanced blend of cushioning and stability.CUSHIONINGCA category of shoes with an emphasis on cushioning and flexibility, for runners with relatively few biomechanical problems.MAXIMUM SUPPORTMA category of shoes with a relatively high degree of support and cushioning technologies, blended to enhance the natural motion of the foot.TRAILTA category of shoes for comfortable and safe 'on-and-off-the-road' running, with a focus on traction, flexibility and protection from the elements.CONTENTSPARTNERSHIPS6SEASON HIGHLIGHTS7WALKING82012 INNOVATIONS14WHY I RUN17RUNNING18RACING30AYAMI31COMFORT RIDE33CROSS TRAINING36NETBALL41NETBALL WEAR FACTORS42TENNIS46INDOOR46SPORTS AWARDS47KIDS48HOCKEY52FOOTBALL54OUR ATHLETES58IGS16