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GEL-NEO33TFull Ground ContactPrevents medial collapse for stable foot movement throughout the entire gait cycle.GEL® Cushioning (F&R)Attenuates shock during impact and toe-off phases, allowing movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions.Duomax®Featured exclusively in the base of the two-layer midsole. Duomax® provides mild stability at a fraction of the weight.PHFThis Personal Heel Fit moulds and customizes itself to the individual heel shape of each wearerSeamless UpperSeamless reinforcements through quarter panel reduce potential for irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches and seams.Medial Flex GroovesPositive Medial Flex Grooves prevent excessive compression at toe-off to encourage the foot's natural re-supination.New innovative midsole construction provides the perfect combination of mild stability and cushioning for a supportive yet delightfully nimble ride.THE 33 SERIESThe 33 by ASICS Collection represents an exciting new interpretation of the ASICS Impact Guidance SystemT, the research-based natural foot movement philosophy that we pioneered over ten years ago. In keeping with the latest that science has to offer, the 33 by ASICS Collection name is inspired by the 33 joints in the ofot.

COMFORT RIDEGEL-NEO3335NEWMEDIALSOLELATERALMEDIALSOLELATERALSOLELATERALThe GEL-Neo33 lives up to its name with innovative new tooling to provide the perfect amount of mild stability in a unique new way. The result is a lightweight, high-mileage trainer with a stable, yet delightfully nimble ride.CUSTOMER PROFILE / WHO IS IT FOR?Our designers at ASICS eschewed the traditional midsole configuration and designed the GEL-Neo33's tooling from the ground up with a fresh approach. Midsole construction sees a combination of a softer 48 degree EVA upper layer for underfoot comfort with a denser 53 degree EVA bottom layer to help maintain stability. Visible GEL units in the heel and forefoot were sandwiched between these layers for excellent shock attenuation. Also featuring a full-length Guidance Line to enhance gait efficiency throughout the natural gait cycle, the GEL-Neo33 encourages natural foot movement with the perfect touch of protection necessary for every day, low intensity training.What sets the GEL-Neo33 apart is its innovative new method of providing versatile mild stability. To accomplish this, we first dropped the outsole flush with the surface for full-length ground contact to prevent medial collapse and provide stability as the foot moves throughout the gait cycle. Next, a section of 65 degree DuoMax® has been placed below the arch exclusively along the bottom of the two-layer midsole for support but at a fraction of the weight. Finally, forefoot medial flex grooves have been filled in to prevent excessive medial compression at toe off. This three-pronged approach to stability creates dynamic support that is ideal for a broad range of athletes, spanning from neutral gaits to the moderate overpronator. The end result is a lightweight shoe that delivers comfort, cushioning, performance and support.KEY FEATURESUpper. Open mesh, breathable upper.. PHF and a comfordry socklinerMidsole. Full Length Guidance Line. 2 density Speva/Solyte midsole. Full length Solyte lasting. Rearfoot and forefoot gel. Midfoot DuoMaxOutsole. AHAR+ outsoleWIDTHStandardCCSCUSHIONINGGEL (Front & Rear) ANTI-GRAVELVENT TOINLGUAETIONComfordy SocklinerICEWALKOTHER Reflectivity LIGHTWEIGHTSolyte MidsoleARCH SUSTAINSTABILITY DuoMax, Guidance LineAHARDURABILITYAHARAMFITFIT PHF