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COURTRUNNING80%80%20%20%COURTRUNNING38WHAT'S YOURACTIVITY SPLIT?CROSSTRAININGCOURTRUNNING80%80%20%20%COURTRUNNINGIs it for court use? Or is it for running use? While the former needs a shoe that is capable of taking movements in many directions, the latter is forward motion oriented which makes lateral and medial reinforcement less important.At ASICS we work with the 80/20 principle. Put simply, the shoes have either been developed 80% for court usage or 80% for running. The consumer can work out which aspect is most applicable for their activities and choose a shoe accordingly. The wearers' "Activity Split" was the major focus in development of ASICS' cross training shoes.The terminology of the category of cross training is somewhat deceiving. To achieve a perfect shoe it must really be developed under one or two basic principles of consumer usage.

39COURTRUNNING80%80%20%20%COURTRUNNINGACTIVITY SPLITGEL-KATOOMBA 3CROSS TRAININGNEW CCS ICEWALK ARCH SUSTAIN AHAR AMFIT WIDTH CUSHIONING OTHER LIGHTWEIGHT STABILITY DURABILITY FITIf you have a neutral to high arched foot type and want the most cushioned running based cross trainer on the market then the GEL-Katoomba 3 is exactly what you are looking for.KEY FEATURESUpper. New Clutch Collar for an outstanding fit in the rearfoot. Biomorphic Fit technology involving flex grooves over the areas of highest buckling for a much improved fit and a reduction in friction on the foot. Asymmetrical Lacing follows the natural contours on the foot to improve fit and comfort.Midsole. Full Solyte midsole with large visible rearfoot and forefoot GEL units for superior cushioning. A Space Trusstic allows the midsole to deform slightly with the natural motions of the foot whilst maintaining high levels of support. Utilises the tooling of the GEL Nimbus 10. Outsole Full AHAR (ASICS High Abrasive Rubber)Outsole. Full AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion) outsole enhances durability. A stitched toe protects against the wear and tear associated with toe drag. A 3 piece outsole provides great flexibilityCUSTOMER PROFILE / WHO IS IT FOR?It has been designed for the consumer who primarily engages in walking or running but occasionally participates in activity that requires cross lateral movement on a court surface.The GEL-Katoomba 3 incorporates ASICS most recent upper technology, A Clutch Collar System, which creates an amazing rearfoot fitting environment. Firstly, the conventional heel counter has been removed and replaced with an inner fit sleeve which is lined with memory foam. This sleeve wraps the foot, ties into the lacing system and creates a more customised fit.Based on the tooling of the GEL-Nimbus 10 the GEL-Katoomba 3 provides extremely high levels of cushioning. A full Solyte midsole, Solyte 45 Lasting and large, exposed rearfoot and forefoot GEL units all contribute to a soft underfoot feel and cushioned ride. Biomorphic Fit panels in the midfoot and forefoot work with PHF memory foam in the heel to create a customised upper fit.At the front of the shoe the outsole is wrapped and stitched onto the toe box to protect against toe drag. Similarly, high degrees of medial and lateral forefoot bevelling guard against outsole delamination.ACTIVITY SPLIT = 80% Running - 20% CourtAsymmetrical Lacing SystemBiomorphic FitSolyte 45GEL FrontSolyteSpace TrussticPersonal Heel Fit System3MClutch Collar SystemRemovable SocklinerGEL RearAHAR