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NETBALLGEL-NETBURNER IGNITES 6GEL-NETBURNER 14CUSTOMER PROFILE / WHO IS IT FOR?Staying true to its original purpose the GEL-Netburner Ignites 6 continues to provide netball players with a lightweight yet tough platform on which to perform. Outstanding fi t has always been a priority for the ASICS netball range. This principle has been taken to new heights with the introduction of ASICS new Clutch Collar System. A design solution that creates a superb rearfoot fi tting environment by eliminating a traditional heel counter and replacing it with an inner fi t sleeve lined with PHF memory foam on both sides, forming the heel collar. The shoe literally feels like it has been wrapped around the foot thus increasing comfort and decreasing the potential for irritation.The GEL-Netburner Ignites 6 also boasts a full Solyte midsole with a generous exposed rearfoot GEL unit and double forefoot Twist GEL units for a plush underfoot feel. This is balanced with a reinforced midfoot and medially placed DuoMax for added support and enhanced responsiveness during direction change.The outsole is non marking AHAR+ for superior durability and is wrapped up onto the midsole in most areas, but more specifi cally at the front to guard against wear and tear associated with toe drag. Furthermore, a two piece outsole construction in the forefoot gives the shoe a more responsive feel for better on court performance.KEY FEATURESUpper. Asymmetrical Lacing improves upper comfort and resultsin an outstanding fit. A wider tongue accommodates for ankle bracing. A removable SpEVA sockliner can be replaced with orthotics if necessary. PHF incorporated in to a Clutch Collar fitting system in the rearfoot improves fit and reduces the potential for irritation.Midsole. Full Solyte midsole with generous visible rearfoot and forefoot GEL units provide a high level of cushion in a lightweight midsole. A Space Trusstic combined with medially placed DuoMax for added midfoot supportOutsole. AHAR outsole wrapped onto the midsole for added durability. A stitched toe protects against the wear and tear associated with excessive toe drag. Non MarkingCUSTOMER PROFILE / WHO IS IT FOR?A tough and durable shoe makes the Netburner 14 the workhorse within the ASICS netball range.This shoe this season sees a complete gender story told.The Netburner 14 now has the addition of Plus 3 to compliment soft top DuoMax and gender specific cushioning.Rearfoot and forefoot Gel units are encased in a full Solyte midsole providing high levels of cushioning when playing on the most punishing of surfaces.Protection and stability are provided with a reinforced trusstic system and medially placed DuoMax. The outsole uses AHAR+ and wraps around the midsole, giving protection for those with toe drag or wear issues while a reinforced upper means the shoe can withstand extreme lateral movements while still being incredibly comfortable.KEY FEATURESUpper. PHF incorporated in to a Clutch Collar fitting system in the rearfoot improves fit and reduces the potential for irritation.Midsole. Plus 3. Gender specific cushioning.. Solyte midsole and solyte 55 lasting. Rearfoot and forefoot gel. Soft top DuoMax. TrussticOutsole. Wrapped outsole and stitched toe. Wide based platform NEWNEW47Asymmetrical Lacing DesignRemovable SocklinerRemovable SocklinerGender Specific CushioningSolyte 55Solyte 55GEL FrontGEL FrontDual Density MidsoleDuoMaxSoft Top DuoMaxSolyteSpace SolyteTrussticTrussticPersonal Heel Fit SystemPersonal Heel Fit SystemClutch CollarGEL RearGEL Rear+3AHARAHAR

48AMFITARCH SUSTAINAHARANTI-GRAVEL TONGUECCSICEWALKAMFITARCH SUSTAINAHARANTI-GRAVEL TONGUECCSICEWALKAMFITARCH SUSTAINAHARANTI-GRAVEL TONGUECCSICEWALKAMFITARCH SUSTAINAHARANTI-GRAVEL TONGUECCSICEWALKLIGHTWEIGHTSolyte Midsole Solyte Lasting 55LIGHTWEIGHTLIGHTWEIGHTLIGHTWEIGHTSTABILITY DuoMax TrussticSTABILITY STABILITY TrussticSTABILITY OTHER TrussticOTHER OTHER Wet GripOTHER VENTILATIONVENTILATIONVENTILATIONVENTILATIONDURABILITYAHAR, PGuardDURABILITYDURABILITYDURABILITYFIT Discrete Eyelet, Heel Clutching System, PHFWIDTHFIT FIT FIT StandardWIDTHStandardWIDTHStandardWIDTHStandardCUSHIONINGGEL (Front & Rear), Removable SocklinerCUSHIONINGGEL (Front & Rear), Removable Sockliner, SpEVA MidsoleCUSHIONINGGEL (Front), Removable Sockliner, California Last CUSHIONINGGEL (Front),SpEVA MidsoleA serious shoe for the serious tennis player, the GEL-Resolution 3 incorporates IGS adaptive technology and is packed with features that are bound to impress. PHF in the heel collar enhances fit and comfort whilst rearfoot and forefoot GEL units boost cushioning. A wrapped AHAR outsole with a stitched toe ensures resistance to wear and tear particularly that experienced during toe drag.The GEL-Domain is designed for the elite indoor player. It delivers excellent traction, support and cushioning, Trusstic for midfoot support, forefoot and rear foot GEL cushioning, and a reinforced forefoot toe areaThe GEL-Game 3 is a great value tennis shoe with forefoot GEL. It features a traditional upper image for support of the midfoot and an all-purpose outer sole pattern on a flat base for grip on all surfaces.The GEL-Rocket is an entry-level all-round volleyball, squash and indoor shoe with good stability, a tough wearing upper and durable outsole.GEL-RESOLUTION 3GEL-GAME 3GEL-DOMAINGEL-ROCKET LATERALLATERALLATERALLATERALMEDIALMEDIALMEDIALMEDIALSOLESOLESOLESOLETENNISINDOOR