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48AMFITARCH SUSTAINAHARANTI-GRAVEL TONGUECCSICEWALKAMFITARCH SUSTAINAHARANTI-GRAVEL TONGUECCSICEWALKAMFITARCH SUSTAINAHARANTI-GRAVEL TONGUECCSICEWALKAMFITARCH SUSTAINAHARANTI-GRAVEL TONGUECCSICEWALKLIGHTWEIGHTSolyte Midsole Solyte Lasting 55LIGHTWEIGHTLIGHTWEIGHTLIGHTWEIGHTSTABILITY DuoMax TrussticSTABILITY STABILITY TrussticSTABILITY OTHER TrussticOTHER OTHER Wet GripOTHER VENTILATIONVENTILATIONVENTILATIONVENTILATIONDURABILITYAHAR, PGuardDURABILITYDURABILITYDURABILITYFIT Discrete Eyelet, Heel Clutching System, PHFWIDTHFIT FIT FIT StandardWIDTHStandardWIDTHStandardWIDTHStandardCUSHIONINGGEL (Front & Rear), Removable SocklinerCUSHIONINGGEL (Front & Rear), Removable Sockliner, SpEVA MidsoleCUSHIONINGGEL (Front), Removable Sockliner, California Last CUSHIONINGGEL (Front),SpEVA MidsoleA serious shoe for the serious tennis player, the GEL-Resolution 3 incorporates IGS adaptive technology and is packed with features that are bound to impress. PHF in the heel collar enhances fit and comfort whilst rearfoot and forefoot GEL units boost cushioning. A wrapped AHAR outsole with a stitched toe ensures resistance to wear and tear particularly that experienced during toe drag.The GEL-Domain is designed for the elite indoor player. It delivers excellent traction, support and cushioning, Trusstic for midfoot support, forefoot and rear foot GEL cushioning, and a reinforced forefoot toe areaThe GEL-Game 3 is a great value tennis shoe with forefoot GEL. It features a traditional upper image for support of the midfoot and an all-purpose outer sole pattern on a flat base for grip on all surfaces.The GEL-Rocket is an entry-level all-round volleyball, squash and indoor shoe with good stability, a tough wearing upper and durable outsole.GEL-RESOLUTION 3GEL-GAME 3GEL-DOMAINGEL-ROCKET LATERALLATERALLATERALLATERALMEDIALMEDIALMEDIALMEDIALSOLESOLESOLESOLETENNISINDOOR

49ASICS KIDSSPORTS AWARDSThe ASICS SPORTS AWARDS which are now in their second year, were created to encourage young New Zealander's to get active and strive to achieve their sporting goals.There are five regional winners each month who will receive $250 worth of ASICS sports gear as well as sports gear for their school. At the end of each year a supreme winner will be announced. This student will be invited to join the elite ASICS athletes and take home $1500 worth of ASICS sports gear, to help them go on to achieve their sporting goals. Whether you are a sports coach, a teacher, student or just a proud parent, anyone can nominate a student, all you need to do is tell us why you think they should win the ASICS sports award.For more information visit the dedicated website on