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49ASICS KIDSSPORTS AWARDSThe ASICS SPORTS AWARDS which are now in their second year, were created to encourage young New Zealander's to get active and strive to achieve their sporting goals.There are five regional winners each month who will receive $250 worth of ASICS sports gear as well as sports gear for their school. At the end of each year a supreme winner will be announced. This student will be invited to join the elite ASICS athletes and take home $1500 worth of ASICS sports gear, to help them go on to achieve their sporting goals. Whether you are a sports coach, a teacher, student or just a proud parent, anyone can nominate a student, all you need to do is tell us why you think they should win the ASICS sports award.For more information visit the dedicated website on

50RUNNINGCROSS TRAININGLITTLE ATHLETES GROW UP TO BE HEALTHY ADULTSAt ASICS, we actively encourage young New Zealanders to be involved in sport. .Sport provides a valuable platform for kids. Through sport, kids learn to keep active and healthy and they get to interact and have fun with other kids which is also very important. Our junior range of shoes provides the same leading technology, safety and performance that is found in the adults versions. From running and athletics to netball, football, court sports, hockey and cricket, ASICS provide the best possible sports shoes for the growing foot.Over the last few years ASICS have focused on sporting footwear for young Australians, providing them with the same level of support and technology available to adults. Evidence of this is the expansion of our range into even smaller sizes.Enter the very popular GS model of the GEL-1160 - which is now going to smaller PS (Pre-School) sizes (K10-K13*). The result is a brilliant fitting shoe with the perfect shape for the growing foot. This PS model is equipped with a Velcro fastening system for easy fitting and does not have DuoMax or Trusstic in the midfoot - because a child of this age does not need so much control. The compression moulded EVA midsole coupled with the brilliant ASICS kids shape makes for an outstanding sports shoe. Perfect for the budding Champions of tomorrow.GEL-1170 GS GEL-1170 PS GEL-496TR GS Leather GEL-Netburner 14 GS GEL-Netburner Ignites 6 GS GEL-170TR GS Leather GEL-1170 GS GEL-496TR GS Leather GEL-Trabuco 14 GS GEL-496TR GS Leather GEL-Galaxy 5 GS GT-2170 GS GEL-Galaxy 5 GS GEL-170TR GS Leather GT-2170 GS GEL-1170 PS ASICS technology is available in sizes K10-13*, Junior 1-7.*Certain models only.Lethal GS 4 Lethal GS 4 FOOTBALLNETBALLGEL-Trabuco 14 GS