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TRANSITION SOLETri-density midsole enhances guidance and supports quick changes in directionCLUTCH COLLARA combination of dual layered heel parts on the upper connecting to the shoe laces to improve overall fitWATER RESISTANCETreatment on microscopic scale giving fabric water resistance or other performance characteristicsTRUSSTICMolded compound under midfoot area. Provides a controlled and contoured misole while improving arch support and torsion stabilityDISCREET EYELETAs part of biomorphic, a new lacing system that uses independent placed eyelets. This evens the lacing tension across the foot, creating a customized fit and enhanced upper comfortOTHERCUSHIONINGDYNAMIC CRADLEA molded midsole component engineered for specific foot types to enhance guidance and fit GORE-TEX Waterproof and breathable upper designed to protect foot during extreme weather conditionsDISCREET SOLEHEEL CLUTCHING SYSTEMExternal heel counter to improve fit and comfort while remaining lightweightMULTI-FUNCTION CLEATSProvides responsiveness on turf/grass surfacesGELShock absorbing material placed in midsole of shoe. Shape of units designed for special functionINNER LOCK LACINGAsymmetrical internal straps to secure foot to platform of shoe, improving fit and stabilityREFLECTIVITYContains reflective materials designed to enhance visibility during low-light hoursGENDER SPECIFIC CUSHIONINGSeparate piece of material that is in the forefoot of the midsole. The womens piece is softer compared to mens, allowing the lighter frame of women to feel cushioning available in forefootLACE POCKETPocket enabling laces to be tucked in and unexposedROCK PROTECTION PLATEProvides protection against stone bruisesHG10MMShifts body mass forward reducing strain on lower limbsMONO-SOCK FITElastic internal sleeve which replaces traditional tongue providing a "sock-like" fitTRAIL SENSOR SYSTEMEnables part of the midsole to decouple for optimal traction on uneven terrainPLUS33mm of additional midsole height at heel on womens models helps relieve strain on achilles tendon to improve comfortPHFThis Personal Heel Fit moulds and customizes itself to the individual heel shape of each wearerWET GRIPOutsole made to enhance traction even on wet surfacesREMOVABLE SOCKLINERAn EVA or SpEVA sockliner moulded to the shape of the foot, which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthoticZIP CLOSUREZip on the medial side allows for easy access in and out of the shoeWIDTHSPEVA MIDSOLEMidsole material that improves bounce back characteristics and decrease midsole breakdownLIGHTWEIGHTWIDTH SPECIFICDesigned and built on lasts and molds that are tooled specifically to designated widthsSPEVA LASTING 45Employs 45 degree hardness SpEVA Lasting material for soft platform feelDUOSOLEOutsole construction offering lightweight and flexible tractionIGS ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGYSPEVA LASTING 55Employs 55 degree hardness SpEVA Lasting material for soft but stable platform feelSOLYTE MIDSOLEMidsole material, lighter than ASICS standard EVA and SpEVA + improve cushioning & durabilityThe Impact Guidance System is a technical design philosophy and combination of leading ASICS Technologies. Shoes featuring the IGS Badge of Approval are at the forefront of ASICS research and development for their intended sportCCSICEWALK

8"A natural fit" says Paul J Fleet - President Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports MedicineIn 2012, we continue our proud association with Podiatry New ZealandASICS New Zealand's shoe development story is one of extraordinary partnerships with New Zealand's elite athletes; leading sports physiotherapists, podiatrists, scientists and various New Zealand Universities. Our partnership with Podiatry New Zealand is an assertion of ASICS' pursuit of excellence and commitment to developing the best and safest sport specific athletic footwear for everyone who participates in sport and healthy physical activities.AAPSM (Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine) provides a common organisation representing Sports Podiatrists in Australia and New Zealand. Prescribing and examining qualifications of members who apply for Fellowship of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine Inc. They encourage research in the area of musculoskeletal pathomechanics, biomechanical analysis and orthotic control as applied to the athletic community and also the accumulation of statistics in the area of sports medicine in order to develop sound methods of prevention and treatment of sports injuries. They also have a major participation in the annual Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport to disseminate current knowledge to the profession, allied professions, and those engaged in treatment of amateur, professional, or individual athletics.Every Sports Podiatrist has a reliance on shoes as an integral part of therapy and with it the need for information, product knowledge and regular updates from technical footwear advisors is vital for our ongoing broad knowledge base, as a group we understand the Importance of the Inclusion of a review of each patient's footwear and prescribing of correct design features for specific sports application shoes in any effective treatment plan.ASICS and AAPSM, the "shoe people" and the "foot people" seems a natural fit and we are very happy to be associated with long term supporters of sports medicine research and Sports Podiatry knowing these people have direct input into design and Australian specific input into the world design only enhances our want to be involved with this shoe company. Most major brands have tech reps which pass through our practices on a regular basis updating us on model changes and new features, they sponsor major sporting teams throughout the country, but one brand does something different and that is support research into not just lower limb sports medicine but cutting edge research into areas not traditionally associated with a sports shoe company and in general terms this makes ASICS philosophy of "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" a truth that no amount of TV adverting time or big name sponsorship can bring as credibility to sports medicine professionals . The support ASICS gives AAPSM' is for continued education in sports science and medicine, building better Sports Podiatrists.Shoes featuring this symbol are recommended by Podiatry New Zealand for their technical performance, fit and comfort. Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports MedicineWe continue our successful partnership with PNZOUR PARTNERSHIPS46TH2012