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9SEASONHIGHLIGHTSGEL-CARDIO ZIP 2The new Cardio Zip 2 sees a complete new upper and midsole/outsole design. The upper utilises a zip construction on the medial side in conjunction with a tradition lacing system. The zip closure allows for an easier entry and exit from the shoe.GEL-3030The GEL-3000 series has rapidly become the industry's favourite shoe for those who need more support, particularly in the later stages of gait. The GEL-3030 boasts an improved forefoot cradle and a greater number of lateral forefoot flex grooves both of which help the foot to resupinate during propulsion.GEL-DS TRAINER 17The GEL-DS Trainer 17 continues to meet the needs of runners looking for a supportive, yet lightweight trainer. Guidance line helps the foot maintain and efficient path through the gait cycle while the upper features the Clutch Collar system for a comfortable and secure rearfoot fit.GEL-NEO33The GEL-Neo33 is an exciting new development by ASICS, designed as a lightweight trainer, ideal for those looking to use for a mid intensity work out or for any training purpose. A Guidance Line is incorporated to centre the foot's line of progression, ideally reproducing a consistent load transfer at propulsion.GEL-BLUR33The GEL-Bur33 is an exciting new development by ASICS, designed as a lightweight trainer, ideal for those looking to use for a low intensity work out or for any training purpose.This lightweight trainer is designed for the wearer who enjoys cushioning, flexibility, and the comfort of a breathable mesh upper.GEL-NETBURNER 14The exciting new GEL-Netburner 14 sees a new, faster, sleeker midsole with toe pitch more like that of a running shoe.A complete gender story is told with the Netburner 14 with the addition of Plus 3 to compliment soft top DuoMax and gender specific cushioning.Also available in a junior model.LETHAL TIGREOR 5 ITThe new Lethal Tigreor 5 features a totally new outsole for the hard ground model. The new moulded outsole has a better grip /release and with a 2 density Solyte polymer outsole. Not only is the boot lighter but the rearfoot is stable and torsionally strong, with a lateral wrap around the heel while the forefoot is flexible for instant response.GEL-KAYANO 18The 18th version of ASICS' flagship Structured Cushioning model continues to offer top of the line technology while maintaining the classic ride and comfort that has made the series an icon.P12P32P18P34P19P45P20P56

10THESE SHOES ARE MADE FOR WALKINGCOMFORT CThe 'COMFORT' category is built to cater for the outdoor walking enthusiast and those with occupational requirements.High levels of technology are used to deliver superior comfort, performance and protection.FITNESSFThe 'FITNESS' category provides the serious fast paced walkerwith a great choice of purpose-built technical footwear. The GEL-Tech Walker Neo carries ASICS walking specific componentry. The FITNESS category has grown to offer a shoe for every level of fitness walker and budget.HEALTHHWe have put a lot of resources into the 'HEALTH' category over the years. The GEL-Cardio Zip utilises a zip construction with traditional lacing system. This is the most functional walking shoe available for early diagnosed diabetics, and those who generally see walking as an exercise that can maintain good health.Gel-Tech Walker NeoGEL-Odyssey WRGEL-Cardio Zip 2