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he ECHN organization dedicates millions of dollars and thousands of staff hours to activities that enhance the overall health and wellness of our communities with special focus on the unmet needs of financially disadvantaged and underserved populations.Our community benefit efforts include:. Charity Care: Free or discounted health services provided to persons who cannot afford to pay.. Community Health Improvement Services: Health education lectures, free screenings, support groups and other outreach programs.. Health Professional Education: A clinical setting for undergraduate training and internships for doctors, nurses and other health professionals.. Research: Clinical research and evaluation of therapeutic protocols and innovative treatments.. Cash and In-Kind Donations: Monetary support, free use of hospital space, free medical care, and equipment donations to numerous not-for-profit community organizations.. Community Building Activities: Collaborative partnerships with community groups, advocacy on behalf of access to healthcare, and workforce development.Highlights of Manchester Memorial and Rockville General Hospital Community Benefit efforts:. Over $9,000,000 was dedicated to caring for over 54,000 people through ECHN's charity care, Medicaid and other indigent care programs.. Health education initiatives served more than 128,000 community members.. 1,434 individuals received free health screenings/assessments including mammograms, PAP tests, hearing screenings, lung health screenings, skin cancer screenings, glaucoma screenings, stroke risk assessments, body composition assessments and blood pressure screenings.. To increase access and quality of care to underserved populations within the community, ECHN sponsored a telephone service that referred 289 Medicaid and uninsured individuals to local healthcare professionals.. Partnering with more than 15 local educational institutions, Manchester Memorial and Rockville General Hospitals provided a clinical setting for undergraduate training for nearly 600 students including physicians, nurses, radiologic technicians, respiratory technicians and physical therapists.. Free meeting space was provided to more than 30 not-for-profit organizations and community groups whose primary purpose is to improve health and wellness in the local community.Recently, ECHN conducted a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment of the 19 towns it serves east of the river. Partnering with Holleran, a nationally known research firm, ECHN's goal was to identify the area's current healthcare needs. To do this, publicly available data from the U.S. Census Bureau, local and state health departments, and many other community agencies were examined, and over 1,800 randomly selected households were surveyed."The knowledge gained by conducting this survey is invaluable," says Dennis McConville, ECHN's Senior Vice President of Planning, Marketing & Communications. "Identifying the key health issues facing our community neighbors will enable us to evaluate the programs that we currently offer and develop programs that address the specific needs."4860.647.4753

Foundation ExpensesSalary & Benefits 56%Supplies & Other Expenses 22%Fundraising Events 22%Contributions by CampaignState & Federal Grants 39%Annual Giving 29% Private Grants 20%Planned Giving 12%Philanthropic Performance Fiscal Year 2011$4.3 million in philanthropic revenue was contributed to ECHN and ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011. We are pleased to be the recipients of over 2,393 contributions. For every dollar raised, 75 cents went directly to provide services for our patients.5