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Five strategic pillarsEach year, strategic planning focuses on these five areas: Employees, Physicians, Quality & Safety, Growth and Financial Health.Employees. Employees participated in celebrations at Rockville General Hospital and Manchester Memorial Hospital that recognized ECHN's HealthGrades Awards.. Seven nurses from Manchester Memorial Hospital and Rockville General Hospital received the 2011 Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing.Physicians. The ECHN active medical staff is comprised of 324 physicians.. The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNECOM) selected ECHN's two hospitals as its first Connecticut campus. In July, fifteen medical students began their third year of training at ECHN.. Twenty-two physicians on the medical staff made Connecticut Magazine's "Top Docs" list.Quality and Safety. Rockville General Hospital was the recipient of the HealthGrades Excellence Awards for Critical Care and Pulmonary Care (3 years in a row) and received five-star ratings in several clinical areas.. Manchester Memorial Hospital was the recipient of the HealthGrades Excellence Awards for Gastrointestinal Care, Gastrointestinal Surgery (2 years in a row), and Critical Care and received five-star ratings in several clinical areas.. A new online incident reporting system went live, allowing for timelier incident reporting, tracking and intervention.. A Value-Based Purchasing initiative was introduced. Several teams of employees were organized to address continuous quality improvements as measured by indicators tracked by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.. The ECHN Diabetes Self-Management Program was recognized by the American Diabetes Association for meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs.Growth. ECHN opened a new Eastern Connecticut Medical Professionals physician suite at ECHN's South Windsor campus with three primary care physicians and a rheumatologist, and opened a new Patient Service Center offering lab draw services.. An Eastern Connecticut Medical Professionals medical practice, owned by ECHN, was opened in Somers.. A new strategic plan was approved by the board for the Women's Center for Wellness.. Construction on the third ECHN medical building at Evergreen Walk, which will house women's health services, was completed.. High-dose-rate brachytherapy was offered at Eastern Connecticut Cancer Institute.. ECHN launched its redesigned website.. The Integrative Medicine program at Eastern Connecticut Cancer Institute was expanded to include art therapy, therapeutic massage, reiki, and yoga (including chair yoga).. Renovations of the Clinical Laboratory at Manchester Memorial Hospital were completed. An automated specimen processing operation designed to add capacity and improve the processing of specimens was installed.. The Meditech Scanning and Archiving system was implemented, completing the conversion to a full electronic medical record.. An application for a Certificate of Need was filed with the State to install a Computerized Tomography Simulator at the John A. DeQuattro Cancer Center for cancer treatment planning.. Walden Behavioral Care sent a letter of intent to open an outpatient eating disorders clinic to be located at ECHN's South Windsor campus.Financial Health. ECHN joined the Connecticut Hospital Association in Washington to advocate for pension funding reform legislation.. ECHN held two legislative breakfasts for State Representatives to raise awareness of legislative actions important to ECHN's financial health.. Cost reductions of $1.5 million were realized through group purchasing efforts with Voluntary Hospital Association's National Purchasing Coalition, product standardization and in-sourcing services such as bringing printing services in-house.6860.647.4753

n 1973, Manchester Memorial Hospital established a 14-bed adult inpatient unit to meet the behavioral health needs of the community at that time. In subsequent years, ECHN developed additional services to meet those needs that existed beyond our community as the State of Connecticut struggled with healthcare changes and the closing of hospitals that provided mental health care. The program at Manchester Memorial Hospital has now expanded into a 29-bed adult and 6-bed adolescent inpatient unit. Services in the adult Behavioral Health program include an outpatient clinic and partial hospital program, serving both behavioral health and substance abuse patients. These programs offer crisis management, vocational support, case management, and geriatric services. Manchester Memorial Hospital also houses a full-time clinical day school, partial hospital, and outpatient clinic for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18. According to Tom King, director of the Behavioral Health program, "ECHN has one of the most comprehensive behavioral health continuums of care in the state, and probably one of the largest for a community hospital in Connecticut."Keeping patients safe and within their community is vital to the mission and goal of the Behavioral Health program, which is to enhance mental well-being through compassionate care. Teamwork and our commitment to excellence enable us to provide accessible, high quality, responsive care while anticipating and adapting to the needs of the people we serve.Currently, our inpatient behavioral health unit is being refurbished in order to provide enhanced environments of care for our patients, visitors, staff, physicians and the community. This project will include safety and aesthetic design in the renovations. The upgrades will provide a more secure and therapeutic environment.The Business Alliance for Community Health, a program of the ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation, is providing pro bono assistance through donations of services, labor and materials. Fletcher Thompson, an architectural firm located in Hartford, has donated renderings that present images of completed areas, along with samples of materials to be used. Also, Erland Construction, located in East Windsor, is providing preliminary estimates.To date, ECHN has received donations or grants from the following entities and individuals to assist with this project: Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving $45,000; Connecticut Health & Education Facilities Authority (CHEFA) $75,000; Connecticut Business Systems $5,000; Lynch Toyota Scion $2,500; Home Builders Association of Hartford County $1,000; the Behavioral Health Department physicians and staff, and numerous contributions from ECHN employees.Phase 1 of the project includes upgrades to the entrance corridor and the main staff station. A new secure vestibule at the entry will be introduced to provide visibility to a staffed station upon entrance to the unit. The materials chosen for the vestibule will evoke a welcoming space: wood panels, pops of color, warm stone floors and glazed doors fitted with safety glass. The existing staff station will be demolished and a new open concept station will be created, allowing for improved visibility and a friendly atmosphere. A transparent panel with natural fibers will be applied to the fa├žade of the reception desk, which will be flanked by two hanging light fixtures. The corridors will be improved with the following:. Lighting modifications. New wood-look flooring. New wall surface materials. New signage"I am very excited to be part of ECHN's initiative for safety renovations and aesthetic improvements in our inpatient behavioral health unit. These renovations will support our staff in providing the highest quality care in a safe environment to our patients," states Tom King. If you or your company would like to assist in any way in making these essential renovations, please contact the Foundation at 860.647.4754.7